2-Ingredient Post-Yoga Energy Balls

2-ingredient cacao balls

For busy people in need of natural energy, lazy people who only want to blend up two ingredients, or amazing vinyasa flow class students who totally deserve healthy home-made treats….

2 Essential Ingredients (Makes about 20) :

3-4 big handfuls of Medjool Dates (or normal dates if you can’t get your hands on medjool dates)

2 tbsp Raw Cacao Powder

Optional: ½ tsp pink himalayan mountain salt for added taste and nutrition…. (or very good quality sea salt…. let’s not skimp on the nutrition if we’re really treating ourselves….)

Optional toppings: 

Sesame Seeds – These little crunchy seeds contain lots of iron, zinc, copper and manganaese which all helps to keep energy levels consistently high.

Shredded Coconut – Providing healthy fats – which we often miss out on – coconut also adds plenty of fibre to your diet, ensuring a healthy digestive system and less hunger pangs throughout the day.

Bee Pollen – Very beneficial for the immune sytem, bee pollen is considered one of nature’s most completely nourishing foods as it contains nearly all the nutrients needed by humans and is about 40% protein. (This is a great – and sweet – source of plant-powered protein if you’re choosing to eat a vegan diet!)

Cinnamon – Blood sugar balancing and satisfying for those with a sweet tooth; cinnamon also boost brain function, so add it to your breakfast to stay a little more alert in the early mornings….

Crushed Walnuts – Full of omega 3 goodness and also known to be particularly good for boosting brain power, walnuts are a good way to boost your intake of protein, and are especially good for keeping the heart healthy. Walnuts and other healthy fats are important for keeping mood levels high, which is important and very useful for a lot of us during the Winter months – click HERE for more mood-boosting foods.

Cayenne Pepper (actually surprisingly tasty) and nutritious – Cayenne pepper is used widely in cleansing and detoxing plans, is great for breaking up mucus if you’ve contracted a Winter cold. This type of spice speeds up metabolism and is a wonderful, warming way to keep the agni or ‘digestive fire’ burning.

Whip up these healthy treats and share with friends, family and yoga classes……….

3 responses to “2-Ingredient Post-Yoga Energy Balls”

  1. Mmm hazelnuts nuts would be lush on these…love chocolate and hazelnuts together!

  2. This sounds amazing! Definitely going to try it! Might add some chia seeds to it! 🙂

    1. Yes! I add chia to nearly everything! Would be perfect 🙂

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