Aries New Moon: Courage + Change

Change requires courage, no matter how big or small that change may be.

nm1.jpgThis new moon (on Sunday 15th April 2018) in the fiery, confident sign of Aries is all about recognising and admitting to the changes we need to make, and cultivating the courage to make them happen. As the very first sign of the zodiac, Aries is all about new beginnings, and the start of something full of potential. If you’ve been ‘stuck in a rut’ for a while, this is a very supportive time for moving out of that rut, and into a new phase of being and doing.
If you are feeling a little ‘stuck’ or tired at this time, know that it’s totally natural, as Spring is governed by the Ayurvedic dosha Kapha. Kapha, (meaning ‘that which holds together’) is represented by heaviness, and a certain wateriness. Kapha is all about kapha1-300x300resisting change, holding on, and feelings of lethargy and dullness. Anyone of a primarily Kapha constitution may relate to habits like hoarding, attachment, fear of change and difficulty ‘letting go’. With this amount of heaviness in the air, the need to make changes and really be discerning as to what exactly is helpful and what is harmful to our wellbeing is even more important in order to prevent an accumulation of this Kapha energy. Practicing things that help generate the opposite qualities of heaviness and lethargy can help each of us remain balanced; spices like black pepper, cinnamon, ginger and even small amounts of cayenne can help ‘fire up’ any dullness in the body, and getting a good amount of heart-pumping movement can elevate mod levels and awareness of the mind, so we’re more awake to what is serving us and what isn’t. Try these Kapha-reducing energy balls for an on-the-go snack.
fre22This Sunday, the new moon in Aries supports the ability to figuratively ‘fire yourself up’ in order to cultivate a sense of renewal and rebirth this Spring. Aries is a fire sign, and its qualities of intensity can really help balance the already rather heavy, lethargic and watery qualities of this season. Dynamism and movement are strong Aries qualities, so use them to your advantage at this time, just before the new lunar cycle begins.


| (self study or self reflection)
  • What am I holding on to a little too tightly?
  • What am I fearful of letting go?
  • What do I honestly know needs to change?
  • What is draining my energy?
  • What new projects or goals do I want to set my focus on?
  • What one thing can I change this week?

Try journalling these, contemplating them or working on them for yourself this week. 

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