Massage, Therapies & 1-2-1 Yoga


Fully qualified and experienced in Swedish body massage, aromatherapy, and with extensive knowledge of anatomy, Ayurveda, nutrition and functional movement, I have been working with clients both from my own personal therapy space and on various international retreats for a number of years. Each session is designed specifically to suit your needs.

Full body massage (1 hour) £30

Hand, head & shoulder massage (45 minutes) £25

Facial rejuvenation and head massage (30 minutes) £25

Aromatherapy Massage (75 minutes, including consultation) £40

Morning Massage Package £40

A massage designed especially for rejuvenating, revitalising and re-booting the body in the earlier hours of the day. Massage techniques that boost circulation and aid in lymphatic drainage are used, as well as traditional soothing and sweeping movements in order to relax the muscles. Depending upon your particular needs, oils such as ginger, peppermint, orange, white camphor, bergamot and grapefruit can be used to uplift the mind and awaken the senses.

After the massage, you’ll receive a smoothie tailored to suit your needs (all smoothies can be pre-ordered before your visit) a herbal tea to take away and a pack of nutritious breakfast energy balls.

Evening Massage Package £40

A massage designed especially for completely relaxing the body and mind, recovering from the day and preparing for a good night’s sleep. Massage techniques that relax the nervous system and deeply nourish the muscles after a long day are utilised along with specific Marma point therapy to release tension that is both on the surface of the body and held subconsciously in the mind. Depending upon your particular needs, oils such as lavender, patchouli, rosewood, chamomile, ylang ylang and sandalwood can be used to calm the mind and soothe the senses. Specific music is also used to bring the mind into a more balanced and relaxed state.

After the massage, you’ll receive a cup of relaxing loose-leaf tea, bath salts and a lavender bag to place under your pillow to help you sleep.

Aromatherapy // £40

Essential oils are nature’s healers, and have powerful properties that can benefit the body and mind. Having used essential oils for myself for a number or years, I have an extensive amount of experience working with them, and am also fully qualified as a certified Aromatherapist. Beginning with a consultation, we progress with massage techniques using specific oils to suit your needs. For an extra £5, you can take your very own massage oil blend home with you.

Restorative Yoga & Massage // £45

75 minutes of absolute bliss.

Using various props we support the body in order to facilitate deep relaxation and rest, while simultaneously utilising massage techniques to further ‘un-do’ tension and restore the body back to its natural state of health and vitality.

This session will help to re-balance the nervous system, release habitual tension, facilitate deep relaxation, and bring about mindfulness and increased awareness. Especially helpful for those experiencing stress and anxiety, as well as physical exhaustion or injury. 

*New For 2017*: Wellbeing Cleanse & Rejuvenate Session // £40

Combining ancient techniques of dowsing, sage smudging and crystal healing, as well as massage with specific oils, this hour-long session is designed to bring a sense of deep physical relaxation and wellbeing, and emotional upliftment. The techniques used are designed to help release old emotional patterns, habits and thoughts, and create space for healing and positivity. A wonderful way to let go of the old, or when starting something new, with a consultation prior to the session included.

1-2-1 yoga session and massage //  £55

A 1 hour private yoga session tailored to your personal needs, followed by a 60 minute massage

1-2-1 Yoga // £35

Whether you’re an experienced practitioner or completely new to Yoga, these unique sessions will help you to deepen your practice and learn more about the body and mind. Completely tailored to your needs, we’ll spend a full 90 minutes together (including discussion about further reading, research and practice).

Bespoke Yoga Group Packages (hen parties, birthdays, wedding packages, team building, beginner groups, weekends away etc) // Please enquire to arrange a booking

I have experience in providing wonderful morning, afternoon, whole day or weekend packages for both small and large groups. Celebrations for all occasions which are made even more memorable, special and relaxing by sharing a Yoga practice together. All sessions are tailored to suit your unique needs and great care is taken to ensure you leave feeling amazing.


To enquire about a session, please email 



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