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Fully qualified and experienced in massage, aromatherapy, EFT, talking therapy, Reiki and with extensive knowledge of natural health, Ayurveda, nutrition, energetic healing and functional movement, I have been working with clients both from my own personal therapy space, in clinics and on various international retreats for a number of years.  Each session is designed specifically to suit your unique needs, and you’ll have access to a plethora of healing tools whilst you’re here, from tuning forks to infra red panels, vibrating platforms to acupressure mats.

Juno Treatment £35 ~ 45 minutes

A rejuvenating and deeply restoring holistic facial, head and shoulder massage using high quality natural products from Sussex based independent company Juno Skincare. This treatment helps skin regain its natural vibrancy, encouraging collagen production and naturally ridding the skin of old cells. We finish with a deeply relaxing head and shoulder massage, a collagen-boosting nutritious raw cacao chocolate and fresh cucumber water. You’ll also receive a special discount voucher for Juno Skincare products.


Holistic Full Body Massage £40 ~ 1 hour

Combining Swedish body massage, acupressure, Ayurvedic marma massage and reiki, this full treatment is the key to deep relaxation, encouraging the body and mind to re-set and enter a state of enhanced wellbeing. Each treatment is unique, and we’re able to focus on any particular areas of tension or tightness you may wish to address.


Head, Neck & Upper Back Massage £30 ~ 35 minutes

A wonderful way to keep your body relaxed and your mind calm, this upper body massage focuses on common areas of tension such as the neck and shoulders, and allows for some all important you-time.


Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation £45 ~ 75 minutes

Ayurveda is known as the ‘science of life’, and one of the world’s most ancient health and wellbeing systems. Utilising the knowledge of Ayurveda and using it in the modern world can be an incredibly powerful way to naturally balance health and wellbeing and prevent illness. This session focuses on addressing your particular needs, ranging from diet, exercise, seasonal wellbeing, aches and pains, digestive issues, skincare, and much more. Ideal as a way to look after your health and wellbeing at the change of each season, you’ll receive a full, bespoke health and wellness guide, and an important insight into where you may currently be out of balance.


Tapping, Talking and Breathwork £40 ~ 1 hour

Combining techniques such as EFT (tapping), talking therapy, and ending with powerful breathwork , reiki and sound healing, this in-depth session can help with issues such as anxiety and stress, hormonal issues, phobias, relationship and life problems, and much more. The different therapeutic techniques allow for a very well-rounded approach to helping you in many different areas, as well as addressing the underlying cause of a problem and looking to overcome the root cause of issues.


1-2-1 Yoga £35 ~ 1 hour


1-2-1 Restorative Yoga £35 ~ 1 hour


Prenatal or Postnatal Yoga £35 ~ 1 hour 


Mum and Baby Yoga £35 ~ 1 hour


Bespoke sessions available

To enquire or book, please contact:

 07841 373308



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