Massage, Therapies & 1-2-1 Yoga

Fully qualified and experienced in massage, aromatherapy, EFT, talking therapy, Reiki and with extensive knowledge of natural health, Ayurveda, nutrition, energetic healing and functional movement, I have been working with clients both from my own personal therapy space, in clinics and on various international retreats for a number of years.  Each session is designed specifically to suit your unique needs.

Full body massage (1 hour) £40

Hand, head & shoulder massage (40 minutes) £30

Aromatherapy Massage (75 minutes, including consultation) £45

Anxiety & Stress Techniques, Breathwork & Reiki (75 minutes) £45

Sound Healing (1 hour) £40

Ayurveda & Healthy Lifestyle Consultation (1 hour) £40

Restorative Yoga & Massage (1 hour) £40

EFT (emotional freedom technique) 1 hour £40 

121 Yoga (1 hour) £40


To enquire or book your session, contact:

 07841 373308



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