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As a freelance writer for many of the UK’s health and wellbeing sites and magazines, I also contribute to international blogs and sites, and content write for Yoga teacher training manuals. To enquire about blog writing or articles, email


Click any of the links below to read a full article on health and wellbeing, yoga, physical postures philosophy, Ayurveda, and much more! *PLEASE NOTE, THIS PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION AND WILL BE COMPLETED SOON!* IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A SPECIFIC ARTICLE, SEARCH GOOGLE AND YOU WILL PROBABLY FIND IT.


YogaMatters | Meaning Behind The Posture – Garudasana: Power & Perception

Wellcome Collection, London Museum | Setting Intentions

YogaMatters | Accessing Consciousness & Feeding The Soul

Ekhart Yoga | Top 10 Tips For Beginner Yogis

Love Life Supplements | The Definitive Guide To Collagen

YogaClicks | Ayurveda For Modern Living: How To Cool The Pitta Dosha This Summer

Love Life Supplements | 3 Reasons To Take Your Workouts Outside This Summer! 

YogaMoo | 8 Ways To Take Your Yoga Practice Off The Mat And Into The World

YogaMatters | The Five Kleshas: Causes of Suffering

YogaClicks | Summer – To – Autumn Smoothie Recipe

Love Life Supplements | Yoga For CrossFitters 








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