Press, Media & Published Work

I regularly contribute to various Yoga, health & wellbeing websites, as well as getting involved with lots of yoga events around the UK. Keep checking back to read published work and articles regarding events. Lots of content added regularly!

Soul & Spirit Magazine

10 Things You Should Probably Know Before Practicing Yoga For The First Time….

An Introduction To The Yamas & Niyamas

The Yamas: Ahimsa – Non Violence

The Yamas: Satya – Truthfulness

Asteya: Non-Stealing

The Yamas: Brahmacharya

Aparigraha: Practicing Non-Attachment

Understanding The Niyamas: Bringing Saucha Into Your Life 

The Niyamas: Santosha – Contentment

Understanding The Niyamas: Tapas

The Niyamas: Svadhyaya or ‘Self Study’

Understanding The Niyamas: Isvara Pranidhana


6 Keys to ‘Success’ In Hatha Yoga

What Makes A Well Rounded Yoga Practice?

The Top 5 Meditation Misconceptions

7 Powerful Reasons To Practice Backbends Every Day

Autumnal Seasonal Saucha Cookies

The Holistic Journal

Balanced Living In A Busy World – August 2017

Balanced Living In A Busy World – September 2017

Yoga In Bed

Brighton Yoga Festival 2014

As an organiser, teacher and therapy provider at the festival, I also edit the blog and promote the teachers, sponsors and performers at the festival.

Brighton & Hove Independent Article

The Argus

Brighton Yoga Festival 2015

The Argus

UK Press & PR
Local Newspaper Article on Public Vinyasa Flow Yoga Classes 

yogafestBYF 2015 Argus Image

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