Other than the blog posts on emmanewlynyoga.com, you’ll find a lot of my work on sites like YogaMatters, EkhartYoga and in magazines like the UK’s Breathe. Click any of the links below to read a full article on health and wellbeing, yoga, fitness, nutrition, physical postures, philosophy, Ayurveda, and much more! If you’re looking for a particular blog or subject, feel free to get in contact. 

Freelance writing for publications, media and teacher training manuals is available. To enquire email emmanewlynyoga@gmail.com


YogaMatters | Accessing Consciousness & Feeding The Soul

Ekhart Yoga | Yoga Sutras | Ahimsa: Non-Violence

Ekhart Yoga | Yoga Sutras | Santosha: Contentment 

Wellcome Collection, London Museum | Setting Intentions

YogaMatters | Philosophy | Samadhi: Bliss Is Closer Than You Think….

YogaMatters | The Five Kleshas: Causes of Suffering

Cultuvating Love: Brahmaviharas & The Four Faces of Love 

YogaMatters | The Root Chakra: Muladhara & Femininity

YogaMatters | Koshas: The Layers Within Us


YogaMatters | Meaning Behind The Posture – Garudasana: Power & Perception

YogaMatters | Meaning Behind The Posture | Anantasana: Lord Vishnu & The Oceans Of The Mind

YogaMatters | Meaning Behind The Posture | Tadasana: Power, Stillness & The Lord Of The Mountains


YogaMatters | Meaning Behind The Posture | Bakasana: Fear, Empowerment & Spirit Animals 

YogaMatters | Meaning Behind The Posture: Trikonasana / Triangles & The Power of Three


Ekhart Yoga | Top 10 Tips For Beginner Yogis

YogaMoo | 8 Ways To Take Your Yoga Practice Off The Mat And Into The World  

Love Life Supplements | Yoga For CrossFitters 

Ekhart Yoga | The Benefits Of A Beginner’s Mind


YogaMatters | Yoga For Mental Health: Digestion For The Mind

Love Life Supplements | Dealing With Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD): How exercise & Supplementation Can Help


Ekhart Yoga | All About Ayurveda

YogaClicks | Ayurveda For Modern Living: How To Cool The Pitta Dosha This Summer 

YogaMatters | Ayurveda | Balancing Vata & Kapha: Soothing The Senses & Saying ‘No’ More Often….

Ekhart Yoga | Ayurvedic Herbal Teas For Spring

Ekhart Yoga | Ayurvedic Springtime Routines

Ekhart Yoga | 7 Books For Ayurveda Students 

Ekhart Yoga | Ayurvedic Advice For A Healthy Winter



Love Life Supplements | What Is Ashwagandha?

Love Life Supplements | The Definitive Guide To Collagen

Love Life Supplements | 3 Reasons To Take Your Workouts Outside This Summer! 

Love Life Supplements: 5 Natural Ways To Feel Energised

YogaClicks | Summer – To – Autumn Smoothie Recipe





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