Practice: Flying Eagle Transition (Garudasana & Virabhadrasana 3)

Garudasana is often known as ‘eagle pose’, however the word ‘Garuda’ doesn’t literally translate as ‘eagle’. As I mentioned in last week’s post the Sanskrit language doesn’t just describe or name an object, it actually holds the essence of the very thing it’s describing. ‘Garuda’ more closely means ‘devourer’, ‘devourer of serpents’, or ‘all-consuming fireContinue reading “Practice: Flying Eagle Transition (Garudasana & Virabhadrasana 3)”

Mindful Monday

The act of mindfulness has come in to mainstream discussion more and more in recent years – used as a tool to help us focus more, eat less, get to know each other better, and appreciate life. Mindful meditation, mindful eating, mindful speaking, mindful thinking…. It’s true that practicing mindfulness allows us to engage moreContinue reading “Mindful Monday”

There are 15 million Americans practicing yoga right now…. why?

There are countless blogs ‘out there’ telling you why yoga is good for you, why you should be practicing it, and what you might experience. The truth is, everyone’s experience of what yoga is to them differs a little. Yes, we are all agreed on the definition of yoga, derived from the root word ‘yoke’Continue reading “There are 15 million Americans practicing yoga right now…. why?”