Springtime Self Care: Pt. 5 | Mood Boosting Essential Oil + Bath Recipe

Essential oils offer far more than just a pleasant smell; they can also be used as a powerful way to bring about physical, mental and emotional change. Ylang Ylang in particular, is an essential oil with the potential to work with the cardiovascular, endocrine, and hormonal systems, and can also support emotional balance and wellbeingContinue reading “Springtime Self Care: Pt. 5 | Mood Boosting Essential Oil + Bath Recipe”

Mindful Monday

Conscious breathing: The how, why and meditation of breath. We know we need to breathe to survive… but just as with everything else in our lives; it’s not what we do, but how we do it. Our modern daily lifestyle exposes us to all sorts of stressors, which have an impact on our breathing, mindContinue reading “Mindful Monday”