Latest News: YogaClicks Collaboration!

It’s not often that you get to work with an author who’s book you’ve read, loved, and owned for years. But as it happens, Lucy and I got chatting at this year’s Brighton Yoga Festival, which I and a dedicated team of trustees and volunteers organised, and I’m so happy to have started collaborating withContinue reading “Latest News: YogaClicks Collaboration!”

Interview: Helen Forester & Chant Malas

First published on the Holistic Journal, read my latest interview with a leading thinker in health, happiness and wellbeing. The idea of crystals and mala beads might seem a little too ‘mystical’ for some, but for thousands of years people have been proving their healing benefits, and using them to harness their health and wellbeing.Continue reading “Interview: Helen Forester & Chant Malas”