Practice: Anjaneyasana (Back-Bending Variation)

When it comes to backbends, there’s a lot more to it than just bending backwards…. In order to find the healthiest backbend for our own body, it’s important to open up, lengthen, strengthen and release all the other areas that might be restricting us from getting into a backbend that is truly beneficial for us.Continue reading “Practice: Anjaneyasana (Back-Bending Variation)”

Practice: Chapasana (Sugarcane Pose)

This asana is simultaneously an asymmetrical backbend and a balancing posture, which means that to practice it while maintaining space in the spine, safety in the knees, and stability in the standing leg is a big challenge… let alone while remembering to breathe at the same time! The name ‘chapasana’ refers to ‘sugarcane’ but aContinue reading “Practice: Chapasana (Sugarcane Pose)”

Practice: Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

Often categorised as one of the ‘baby back bends’ (along side salabhasana, bhujangasana and urdhva mukha Svanasana), Dhanurasana or ‘bow pose’ opens the front of the body while simultaneously strengthening the back. A great shoulder-opener and a powerful way to open the chest, this asana can be taken as strong or as gentle as youContinue reading “Practice: Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)”