Winter Solstice: A Return To Light

This time of year holds many important festivals – with two of them happening to fall this week: The Winter Solstice and Christmas! While they’re not technically part of the same belief system or path, they both represent a time when people gather together to celebrate and remember the important things in life as weContinue reading “Winter Solstice: A Return To Light”

Diwali: A Return To Light (+ Orange & Cardamom Diwali Date Balls Recipe)

As we approach Diwali – ‘The Festival of Lights’, there are all sorts of traditions and festivities happening within a multitude of cultures. Most of them feature some sort of light as the main focus. Even Halloween at the end of last month includes the tradition of placing a lit candle inside a carved pumpkin;Continue reading “Diwali: A Return To Light (+ Orange & Cardamom Diwali Date Balls Recipe)”