Anti Inflammatory + Adaptogenic Latte #1

‘Adaptogen’ is a key buzzword for 2017, as there’s a big focus in the superfood world on them, with other notable adaptogens being ashwagandha, chaga, reishi, cordyceps (one of the best things I’ve found recently for boosting energy, strength and endurance before exercise!) and ginseng. Adaptogens are just as the name suggests; they help theContinue reading “Anti Inflammatory + Adaptogenic Latte #1”

Healing Juice Recipes + How To Use Your Leftover Pulp!

In need of some TLC? Whether it’s your body or mind that needs a detox or some fast healing, juicing is an effective way of getting essential nutrients straight into the parts that need it most. Surprisingly, celery is a fantastic strengthener of connective tissues, and citrus fruits aid in healing bruises. Apples are aContinue reading “Healing Juice Recipes + How To Use Your Leftover Pulp!”