Calming Cardamom, Cashew & Vanilla Mylk

Sometimes we crave something spicy and stimulating and other times we really need a calming, nourishing potion to soothe the senses and find clarity. This is definitely one for the latter. All the ingredients here aid in maintaining a calm mind and a happy mood – something we may all need a little help withContinue reading “Calming Cardamom, Cashew & Vanilla Mylk”

2-Ingredient Post-Yoga Energy Balls

For busy people in need of natural energy, lazy people who only want to blend up two ingredients, or amazing vinyasa flow class students who totally deserve healthy home-made treats…. 2 Essential Ingredients (Makes about 20) : 3-4 big handfuls of Medjool Dates (or normal dates if you can’t get your hands on medjool dates)Continue reading “2-Ingredient Post-Yoga Energy Balls”