Seasonal Self Care | Why Self Care Is Vital IF We Use It Well + How To Care This Autumn

The boundaries between ‘self care’ and ‘self obsession’ are always at risk of becoming more and more blurred, as we continue to wade through what is reportedly the ‘age of narcissism’; a period of time in which caring for number one is indeed the number one priority. Google the word ‘self care’, and almost 55.5Continue reading “Seasonal Self Care | Why Self Care Is Vital IF We Use It Well + How To Care This Autumn”

LookFantastic November 2016: #LFSparkle

#LFSparkle We’re nearing the time of year at which everything will have an essence of sparkle and surprise about it. To get us into the party spirit then, there’s nothing like receiving a box of beauty through the post – and this must be one of the best boxes we’ve seen so far. As aContinue reading “LookFantastic November 2016: #LFSparkle”

LookFantastic Best of British

  #LFBestOfBritish This month saw the release of a box that celebrates the very finest of what the UK has to offer in terms of health and beauty. From all the products we’ve worked with this year, the August box has selected the best of the British goodies and found something to nourish hair, skinContinue reading “LookFantastic Best of British”