5 – Ingredient Quinoa Detox Bowl

It can be difficult to maintain those healthy new year’s intentions if you’re always rushing around in the week and don’t seem to have time to prepare a nutritious lunch or dinner…. But if that’s the case, then quinoa is here to help…. While it’s often referred to as a grain, quinoa is actually aContinue reading “5 – Ingredient Quinoa Detox Bowl”

Papaya & Plant Protein Bowl

 If you’re on a new year’s health kick, or you just fancy something a little more fresh and interesting for breakfast, then this papaya plant protein bowl will not only provide plenty of fibre and vitamin C to keep your digestive and immune system healthy, but you’ll also be reminded of how good it feelsContinue reading “Papaya & Plant Protein Bowl”

Masala chia-chai porridge

It’s a bit of a shock – to say the least – to go from warmth, sunshine and the most amazing chai tea every morning, to these cold and frosty British December mornings…. So to remind myself of the amazing month I have just spent in India on my 5oo hour Yoga teacher training –Continue reading “Masala chia-chai porridge”

Greetings From Goa + An Indian Recipe From Mani

Around half way through my time training with Julie Martin and Brahmani Yoga in India, and still learning so much more than I ever expected about all aspects of yoga, not just asana. There’s so much I’m looking forward to putting into classes and workshops, and so much I look forward to bringing into myContinue reading “Greetings From Goa + An Indian Recipe From Mani”

Healthy Pumpkin-Spiced ‘Latte’ Flapjack Recipe

When Autumn comes around, everything seems to be ‘pumpkin-spiced’. There’s not one main-stream coffee shop without some sort of seasonal spiced drink or cake, but when they’re laden with artificial ingredients and refined sugar, they don’t provide us with any of the nutrients we need for feeling our best through the season…. Autumn and Winter areContinue reading “Healthy Pumpkin-Spiced ‘Latte’ Flapjack Recipe”

All Day Energy Loaf

This sweet, cake-like loaf is exactly what the name suggests; it offers plenty of energy and power with a mix of protein, omega 3s, and healthy slow-release carbohydrates. Perfect for staying energised as the weather turns a little colder. The smell of cinnamon and apple will also help to welcome in Autumn and those memoriesContinue reading “All Day Energy Loaf”

Vegan Buckwheat & Fig Granola

Granola is often thought of as a ‘healthy’ alternative to sugary cereals, but the kind you’re likely to find in the supermarkets is still mostly full of sugar and additives. By making your own, you not only know exactly what ingredients are going in to your food, but you get the added satisfaction of providingContinue reading “Vegan Buckwheat & Fig Granola”

Rawberry Jam Recipe

This raw, vegan and sugar-free jam tastes just as sweet as the kind you’d usually spread on your toast, but this time it’s even more delicious because it’s HEALTHY! The chia seeds give the jam an extra boost of energising omega 3 goodness, while the fact that it’s raw means none of the nutrient valueContinue reading “Rawberry Jam Recipe”

Ibiza-Inspired Chia Porridge Recipe

 So as Summer approaches and many of us pay a little more attention to the way we eat; healthy recipes are important to have handy at every meal time! We’re also becoming more and more aware of ‘superfoods’ and their myriad of benefits, so if you haven’t already been introduced to chia seeds, here’s yourContinue reading “Ibiza-Inspired Chia Porridge Recipe”

Nutrient-Packed Spring / Summer Rice Salad

So as the weather gets warmer, we tend to opt for colder dishes over dense, warm foods. This is also a time of year though, when we can get outside a lot more and move our bodies! So we need food that keeps us energised, healthy and feeling good. Make this big salad and shareContinue reading “Nutrient-Packed Spring / Summer Rice Salad”