Home Made Cold Brew Iced Latte

Iced coffee and tea are a supremely Summery treat. As it’s also national iced tea month, it’s the perfect time to experiment with cooler drinks and seasonal afternoon snacks. I’m a big fan of one mainstream coffee retailer’s iced cappuccinos (which contain a whole lot of sugar), so this was a welcome discovery for meContinue reading “Home Made Cold Brew Iced Latte”

Anti Inflammatory + Adaptogenic Latte #1

‘Adaptogen’ is a key buzzword for 2017, as there’s a big focus in the superfood world on them, with other notable adaptogens being ashwagandha, chaga, reishi, cordyceps (one of the best things I’ve found recently for boosting energy, strength and endurance before exercise!) and ginseng. Adaptogens are just as the name suggests; they help theContinue reading “Anti Inflammatory + Adaptogenic Latte #1”

Healthy Pumpkin-Spiced ‘Latte’ Flapjack Recipe

When Autumn comes around, everything seems to be ‘pumpkin-spiced’. There’s not one main-stream coffee shop without some sort of seasonal spiced drink or cake, but when they’re laden with artificial ingredients and refined sugar, they don’t provide us with any of the nutrients we need for feeling our best through the season…. Autumn and Winter areContinue reading “Healthy Pumpkin-Spiced ‘Latte’ Flapjack Recipe”