Practice: Utkatasana / Fierce Pose / Chair Pose / Awkward Pose

Utkata = ‘wild’, ‘frightening’, ‘fierce’, ‘furious’         Asana = ‘Posture’ Also known as ‘fierce pose’, ‘awkward pose’, ‘wild pose’, and now commonly referred to as ‘chair pose’; utkatasana is part of the traditional surya namaskar B sequence, used in Ashtanga and many other styles of vinyasa and dynamic yoga sequences. Helping toContinue reading “Practice: Utkatasana / Fierce Pose / Chair Pose / Awkward Pose”

Practice: Garudasana (Eagle Pose)

As I’ve said before – balancing is brilliant for bringing us into the present moment. It’s surprising how many millions of thoughts we can have running through our mind, and how none of them are actually related to what’s happening right now. When we balance, our focus is pulled deeper into ourselves physically and energetically, andContinue reading “Practice: Garudasana (Eagle Pose)”