Peppermint: Mind Body Benefits & Ayurvedic Advice

As a qualified aromatherapist and someone who has used oils in everything from homemade skincare items, to bath mixes, to healthy snacks, there’s a lot to discover when it comes to essential oils. Medicine Man Whilst they’re often dismissed as a ‘natural alternative’ to medicines, it’s worth noting that these oils are the original medicine.Continue reading “Peppermint: Mind Body Benefits & Ayurvedic Advice”

Raw & Healthy Mint Chocolate-Chop Mousse (With A Secret Green Ingredient!)

  It’s easy to sneak more healthy green goodness into your day when you get little creative. In this recipe, courgette is the secret to creating a smooth and satisfying dessert that’s totally healthy. Ingredients 1 small courgette 1 small handful of fresh mint leaves 2-3 medjool dates (add more dates if you have aContinue reading “Raw & Healthy Mint Chocolate-Chop Mousse (With A Secret Green Ingredient!)”