Blog Roundup: January, February + March

Catch up on the blog posts I’ve written for YogaMatters over the past couple of months, and send on to someone who might benefit from reading!   Ekagrata & Essentialism: 5 Steps To Focussing The Mind  ∇ Using Kapha Season To Build Strength In Mind, Body & Immunity  ∇ A Day In The Life OfContinue reading “Blog Roundup: January, February + March”

YogaMatters Blog | Ganesh: The Mudra, The Mantra & The Story Of The Elephant-Headed God

One of the most widely revered Hindu deities, Ganesh is the ‘remover of obstacles’. What many people don’t know however, is that Ganesh can also place obstacles in our way, in order to help us learn, overcome them, and grow. Think about it; you are who you are today because of everything you’ve learned andContinue reading “YogaMatters Blog | Ganesh: The Mudra, The Mantra & The Story Of The Elephant-Headed God”

Cultivating Inner Strength & Being Your Own Authority

How much do we seek approval from things outside of ourselves? Comparing the physical body to the ones we see in films, magazines and advertising. Measuring our own happiness against the happiness we perceive others to have. Wondering if our lives are as good as the snap-shots we see of other people’s lives on socialContinue reading “Cultivating Inner Strength & Being Your Own Authority”

Find Your Roots: Muladhara Chakra

‘I came into this world with nothing, and I leave with nothing but love. Everything else is just borrowed’. Mike Skinner (The Streets) ‘For we brought nothing into the world, and we cannot take anything out of the world’. 1 Timothy 6:7 (The Bible) The word ‘Muladhara’ translates as ‘root support’, and is the foundationalContinue reading “Find Your Roots: Muladhara Chakra”

Practice: Asana – Find Your Seat

When we think of the word ‘Asana’ these days, images of warrior poses, handstands, downward facing dogs and impressive backbends may spring to mind – after all, we know that the physical practice of Yoga, ‘asana’, is often the primary focus in 21st century classes. What is less well known however, is that the wordContinue reading “Practice: Asana – Find Your Seat”

Finding Balance Through the Breath: Nadi Shodhana Pranayama

We know that life works best when everything is in balance, on the inside and out….  Nadi Shodhana pranayama or ‘channel cleansing breath’ is also known as ‘alternate nostril breathing’, and the idea is to clear each nostril so the air can flow freely, while also balancing the activity in the left and right hemispheresContinue reading “Finding Balance Through the Breath: Nadi Shodhana Pranayama”