Blog Roundup: Last Month’s Articles For Your Yoga Inspiration

If you missed any of November’s published articles, have a read of the pieces below for some yoga, health and wellbeing inspiration. Feel free to share with anyone who would benefit from reading too! ∇ November Intention: Using Energy Wisely & Living Life Fully ∇ Meaning Behind The Posture  |  Trikonasana: Triangles & The PowerContinue reading “Blog Roundup: Last Month’s Articles For Your Yoga Inspiration”

Cultivating Inner Strength & Being Your Own Authority

How much do we seek approval from things outside of ourselves? Comparing the physical body to the ones we see in films, magazines and advertising. Measuring our own happiness against the happiness we perceive others to have. Wondering if our lives are as good as the snap-shots we see of other people’s lives on socialContinue reading “Cultivating Inner Strength & Being Your Own Authority”

Shambhavi Mudra: Find Clarity, Peace & Intuition and Re-set Your Sleeping Patterns This Crazy Christmas Time

Each morning here in India we’re privileged to meditate in front of this beautiful scene in amazing surroundings. Hearing the world wake up as we meditate is a fantastic way to greet the day, and we’ve been exploring different ways of practicing meditation and pranayama. ‘Mudra’ means gesture or seal. Essentially it is a wayContinue reading “Shambhavi Mudra: Find Clarity, Peace & Intuition and Re-set Your Sleeping Patterns This Crazy Christmas Time”

10 Mudras For Healing, Health & Happiness

Our hands have the ability to harm, to help, or to heal. They can communicate love, hate, and any emotion in between. Essentially, our highly evolved and articulate hands are what separate us from other mammals and allow us to grasp, build and create the world around us. Just as reflexology links parts of theContinue reading “10 Mudras For Healing, Health & Happiness”