Quick & Easy Banana, Almond Butter & Jam Breakfast

For days when you’re busy and there’s no time to make pancakes – kamut and coconut porridge, papaya bowls, or even a smoothie for breakfast…. (it takes longer than you think when you factor in washing up the blender!) This breakfast is simple and requires only a few ingredients to create a surprisingly incredibly nutritious and ‘complete’ meal.Continue reading “Quick & Easy Banana, Almond Butter & Jam Breakfast”

Actually Healthy No-Bake Breakfast Bars

While a ‘breakfast bar’ may seem like a healthy option, they’re often loaded with artificial ingredients and refined sugars, which all mean we’re usually hungry again within an hour or so, and therefore reaching for something not-so-healthy. Breakfast is indeed an extremely important meal of the day, although I understand that many people either justContinue reading “Actually Healthy No-Bake Breakfast Bars”

Buckwheat & Banana Breakfast Muffins

Starting the day with a nutritional and balanced breakfast is essential to having a day full of energy and positivity. Whether you’re enjoying lazy mornings or rushing out the door – these natural, gluten-free, vegan buckwheat muffins will see you through until lunchtime… Buckwheat is a great energizing alternative to oats or rice, and althoughContinue reading “Buckwheat & Banana Breakfast Muffins”

Raw, Vegan, Protein-Packed Cookies For An Extra-Quick Breakfast

If you’re rushing around in the mornings, it’s even more important to ensure you’re having a nourishing, wholesome breakfast. While these little cookies won’t fill your belly up completely, they contain everything you need to get you out of the door and on to where you’re heading first, all packed in to a delicious bundleContinue reading “Raw, Vegan, Protein-Packed Cookies For An Extra-Quick Breakfast”