Tulsi Latte Recipe

When it comes to dealing with day-to-day stress, what we eat and drink can play a huge role. Adaptogens are natural herbs and remedies that literally help the body and mind ‘adapt’ to stress. They reduce excess cortisol, help balance hormone levels, improve attention and endurance, and help nourish the adrenals. To read more onContinue reading “Tulsi Latte Recipe”

*NEWS* August Ibiza Getaway

Where: Samskara Ibiza, the island’s Yoga hub.  When: 14th – 19th August 2016 Why?: Read on…. This August I will be heading out to Samskara Ibiza, a wonderful luxurious retreat situated on the beautiful island of Ibiza! Owned by my good friend Jo Youle, Samskara was created with the intention to help everyone unwind, re-setContinue reading “*NEWS* August Ibiza Getaway”

Practice: Supta Baddha Konasana / Supine Bound Angle Pose

  Supta = ‘Supine’    Baddha = ‘Bound’    Kona = ‘Angle’    Asana = ‘Posture’   A great way to passively release tension from the hips, Supta Baddha Konasana primarily opens the psoas and the inner thighs (adductor muscles). The hips are a central and important place to maintain in good health; for women,Continue reading “Practice: Supta Baddha Konasana / Supine Bound Angle Pose”

Mindful Monday

Conscious breathing: The how, why and meditation of breath. We know we need to breathe to survive… but just as with everything else in our lives; it’s not what we do, but how we do it. Our modern daily lifestyle exposes us to all sorts of stressors, which have an impact on our breathing, mindContinue reading “Mindful Monday”