Breaking & Completing The Stress Cycle

The Stress Cycle Stress has become a household word, and something we not only talk about regularly, but have come to expect regularly. Stress has become the number one cause of workplace disability, and in the past year alone, 74% of people have been so stressed they’ve felt overwhelmed or unable to cope, according to statisticsContinue reading “Breaking & Completing The Stress Cycle”

Relax & Restore Home Practice Video

Merry Christmas! As a gift to you, here’s a short restorative practice to give you some time out amongst the busy festive season. Give yourself about 10 minutes to re-set, and the rest of your day will flow so much better. I plan on sharing lots more short home practice videos in 2020, so ifContinue reading “Relax & Restore Home Practice Video”

Awesome Autumnal Ambience: Special 50% Discount Off Amazing Music Until The End Of September

Music is a powerful tool which effects us on the deepest emotional and personal levels – whether it brings happiness, sadness, nostalgia, excitement, anger, relaxation or an overwhelming feeling we can’t even quite describe…. As someone who has always been very strongly effected my music, I regularly use music in Yoga classes to enhance theContinue reading “Awesome Autumnal Ambience: Special 50% Discount Off Amazing Music Until The End Of September”

The Float Spa Experience (Written For The Brighton Yoga Festival)

 The Float Spa are this year’s main Brighton Yoga Festival sponsors. As a newly opened venture in Brighton & Hove, they already look like they’re very much at home and have made quite an impression on everyone who has visited them so far. Read on to find out more about their unique therapies, Yoga classesContinue reading “The Float Spa Experience (Written For The Brighton Yoga Festival)”

Simple Raw Chocolate Recipe

There’s something about chocolate…. In 2001, the USA totalled about $13.1 Billion in chocolate sales, while in 2011 the UK’s chocolate sales added up to £4 Billion. (Considering the US population is almost 319 million, and the UK’s is 64 million, we seem to like the stuff just as much….) Chocolate companies currently use 40%Continue reading “Simple Raw Chocolate Recipe”

Practice: Preparation For Backbending

Although backbends may appear to be all about flexibility, they actually require a lot of strength in order to practice them in a way that is healthy and sustainable. The strength we need to cultivate before moving into backbends arises not only from the muscles of the back, but also a connection to the deepContinue reading “Practice: Preparation For Backbending”

‘Weightless’ – The Most Relaxing Song In The World…. + It’s Competition Time!

You’ve likely already felt how music can change your mood. Music has a very powerful affect on the way we feel, and different sounds can quickly change our state of mind. Whatever mood you’re in, there’s a song for it, but when you need to relax, what do you choose? Relaxation is something we need moreContinue reading “‘Weightless’ – The Most Relaxing Song In The World…. + It’s Competition Time!”

Don’t Blame Me, Blame My Brain!

  The practice of yoga teaches us patience, compassion and understanding, so that we can live in harmony with ourselves and those around us. Sometimes though, that can be really, really difficult…. When the actions and behaviours of others just don’t seem to make sense to us, we can find ourselves becoming frustrated and impatientContinue reading “Don’t Blame Me, Blame My Brain!”

The Real Meaning Of ‘Health?’

 “Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit” – BKS Iyengar When we think of health, what comes to mind?: Sweating it out at the gym, eating a healthy diet, quitting smoking or drinking, or making sure we’re happy with what we see in the mirror or read on theContinue reading “The Real Meaning Of ‘Health?’”

Mindful Monday: Sleep Well

If you find it difficult to get a decent night’s sleep, you’re not alone. Around 51% of the UK have problems sleeping, and over half of American citizens too – with about 10% having fully diagnosed insomnia. It was Warren Zevon who said ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’, (after doing some research in to hisContinue reading “Mindful Monday: Sleep Well”