New Recipe: Wild Plum & Apricot Jam + Seasonal Summer Stone Fruits To Eat Right Now

Seasonal foods give us the exact nutrients we need at the exact right time. In Spring, bitter greens & digestion boosting herbs help us naturally cleanse & detoxify when it is most needed; Summer veg & berries are high in skin-protecting antioxidants. Now we’re moving into Late Summer, which Traditional Chinese Medicine considers a seasonContinue reading “New Recipe: Wild Plum & Apricot Jam + Seasonal Summer Stone Fruits To Eat Right Now”

Butternut Squash & Yellow Mung Dal (+Spelt Flour Chapatis)

Dal is a wonderfully wholesome, balancing dish full of plant-based protein and minerals like magnesium and zinc and lots of fibre. As we transition from Winter to Spring, this is a great time to start bringing in more naturally detoxifying, alkalinising plant-based meals to help you feel lighter and brighter as the days get lighterContinue reading “Butternut Squash & Yellow Mung Dal (+Spelt Flour Chapatis)”

RECIPE: Wild Garlic & Preserved Lemon Pesto

Whilst we’re in the midst of COVID-19, it’s pretty difficult to know what we’ll end up with after a brief trip to the supermarket. Luckily however, we now find ourselves at the beginning of Spring, which means there are lots of herbs, leafy greens and edible flowers available in the natural world around us. WhilstContinue reading “RECIPE: Wild Garlic & Preserved Lemon Pesto”