Interview: Suzanne Wylde & Moving Stretch

It’s not Yoga, Pilates, and isn’t even classed as standard ‘resistance stretching’; Moving Stretch is the new practice, treatment and therapy that has everyone feeling better. It ‘works on the fascia, releasing the body from pain, stiffness and limitation and helping to create a naturally healthy body, which is strong, flexible and graceful’. I recentlyContinue reading “Interview: Suzanne Wylde & Moving Stretch”

Paschima = ‘west’          Tan = ‘To extend’          Asana = ‘Pose’ or ‘seat’  So what’s this pose about? Well, in order to learn that – let’s have a think about what it’s not…. It’s not about touching your toes It’s not about having your head on your knees It’s not just about getting super long hamstringsContinue reading