Simple Vegan Chocolate Chip ‘Nice Cream’ Recipe

While it’s officially no longer Summer in the UK, there’s no need to miss out on the things we love about the hot season, and that includes ICE CREAM! Of course, this recipe isn’t the usual sugar and artificial ingredient – filled treat. It’s simple, healthy, and thanks to the main ingredient of bananas, it’llContinue reading “Simple Vegan Chocolate Chip ‘Nice Cream’ Recipe”

Happiness On A Plate

A good mood is determined by many aspects, but what’s going on within us physiologically and chemically determines whether or not we’re even able to feel positive. The ability for our brain to function properly, our cells to communicate productively, our oxygen levels to remain balanced, and our hormones to stay in check basically decidesContinue reading “Happiness On A Plate”

Ibiza-Inspired Chia Porridge Recipe

 So as Summer approaches and many of us pay a little more attention to the way we eat; healthy recipes are important to have handy at every meal time! We’re also becoming more and more aware of ‘superfoods’ and their myriad of benefits, so if you haven’t already been introduced to chia seeds, here’s yourContinue reading “Ibiza-Inspired Chia Porridge Recipe”