YOGAMATTERS Blog: Embody The Warrior

A big thank you to YogaMatters who have just published my most recent blog article on their website.  For anyone who has ever wondered about the deeper meanings behind the Yoga postures, what they represent and what the names mean, then stay tuned to the series of blogs I’ll be writing exclusively for YogaMatters! TheContinue reading “YOGAMATTERS Blog: Embody The Warrior”

Practice: Vrksasana / Tree Pose

Vrksa = Tree   Asana = Posture (Pronounced “Vrik-shaas-ana”) A recognisable posture to most people, vrksasana or ‘tree pose’ is probably one of the first balancing postures you’ll learn in a class. While it looks simple enough, this posture works not only to improve our sense of balance, but it helps to open the hip, andContinue reading “Practice: Vrksasana / Tree Pose”