Seasonal Self Care | Why Self Care Is Vital IF We Use It Well + How To Care This Autumn

The boundaries between ‘self care’ and ‘self obsession’ are always at risk of becoming more and more blurred, as we continue to wade through what is reportedly the ‘age of narcissism’; a period of time in which caring for number one is indeed the number one priority. Google the word ‘self care’, and almost 55.5Continue reading “Seasonal Self Care | Why Self Care Is Vital IF We Use It Well + How To Care This Autumn”

Practice: Ashta Chandrasana Variation (Preparation For Urdvha Dhanurasana)

Many of us have one or two postures that are relatively simple, yet due to our individual anatomy, it seems ‘impossible’ to practice with any comfort whatsoever…. Take Gomukhasana for example: this posture looks quite accessible from the outside, but it’s often incredibly uncomfortable and even out of the question for a lot of people,Continue reading “Practice: Ashta Chandrasana Variation (Preparation For Urdvha Dhanurasana)”

India Update + A Last Minute Christmas List

Having spent a week relaxing and acclimatising in South Goa, I’m now immersing myself in learning and practicing with Julie Martin and Brahmani Yoga on a level 2 500hr Yoga teacher training. I’m so grateful to have this time; nearly a week in and my head is about ready to explode with all of this newContinue reading “India Update + A Last Minute Christmas List”