Retreats + Workshops + Courses


Be-Yoga Teacher Training 2019

Starts: January 2019

Venue: Haywards Heath, Sussex & Morocco

Train to become a yoga teacher or deepen your understanding and practice in a small group with ongoing mentor support.

For more information on 2019 Teacher Training dates, please visit the Be-Yoga website HERE. 


Harp, Yoga & Storytelling

TKHarpThursday 30th August


Secret Location In Sussex

Nestled in the beautiful Sussex countryside, this evening of outdoor Yoga accompanied by live intuitive harpist Tracy Jane Sullivan is an opportunity to reconnect to yourself, your breathing, and experience the benefits of time spent in nature. After receiving your welcome drink, dive into the Yoga flow, deep relaxation and breathwork session suitable for all levels, followed by storytelling around the campfire from a traditional folk storyteller. Non-alcoholic sparkling drinks, tea and delicious superfood snacks are complementary throughout the evening. £25 per person, advance booking is needed to secure your space. 



Mind + Movement

Sussex Wellbeing Retreat

Two weekends to choose from: July 26th – 29th or August 2nd – 5th 2018

Lewes, Sussex, UK



Join Emma Newlyn (Yoga Teacher & teacher trainer, therapist, and published writer) and David Croft (Moving Stretch trainer, therapist, FRC specialist and Reiki practitioner) for a very special Sussex weekend retreat.

This event is sold out.


Sound & Sensory Meditation Evening

29243787_10160041108895065_6490710656826736640_nFriday 31st August


East Grinstead (full address provided upon booking)


Hosted by Pauline O’Connor & Emma Newlyn. Combining the benefits of meditation, breathwork, visualisation and sound healing, this evening provides the opportunity to create a state of deep relaxation and restoration, and balance in the body and mind.

For thousands of years, people have used visualisation and ‘sound journeys’ as a way to rebalance the body and mind, and enter into a powerful meditative state. When entering this deeply relaxed state of being, the body is able to switch on the parasympathetic nervous system, also known as the ‘rest and digest’ system. This side of the nervous system is responsible for healing old injuries and regenerating healthy new cells. It helps reduce inflammation, stress and anxiety, and is something we all need in the busy modern world.

Throughout the session, we’ll practice breathing techniques, meditation and visualisation, and experience sound frequencies and use of tuning forks to bring the various aspects of the body, mind and energy into balance. We’ll also use aromatherapy to and specially made herbal tea to enhance relaxation and restoration. No previous experience is required, just come with an open heart and mind.



Coming Soon

Live Harp + Yoga Workshop at Be-Yoga | Haywards Heath | 22nd September | 2-4pm | visit to book.

Be-Yoga Next Level Ayurveda + Natural Wellness Immersion Course | Lewes | May 16th-19th 2019 | For Qualified Teachers and Experienced Students ~ Please contact for details

Sussex Wellbeing Retreat | Lewes | Summer 2019 ~ Please contact for details

Secret Festival Retreat | Sussex | August 2019 ~ Details coming soon

Be-Yoga Holiday To Suryalila, Spain | September 28th-October 5th 2019 ~ Please Contact For Details

Be-Yoga Next Level Sequencing & Hands On Assists Training Immersion | Suryalila, Spain | September 28th-October 5th 2019 ~ Please contact for details

Ibiza Yoga Holiday | Ibiza, Spain | October 2019 ~ Please contact for details



Stay Up to date with all upcoming events and course via FACEBOOK. 


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