Wild Garlic Mustard Mayo

There really is such an abundance along the hedgerows at this time of year! Wild garlic, nettle, cleavers, dandelion, purple dead nettle, ground elder, wood sorrel, primrose, and so much more. What might look simply like a mass of weeds and plants is totally transformed when you begin to recognise these edible and medicinal herbs for what they really are. Of course – it’s important to only pick a small amount to make sure the plants can return next year! 

If you’re feeling like a confident forager, wild garlic mustard (also known as Jack-by-the-hedge or ‘hedge garlic’) is a great plant to find right now – it tastes just as the name suggests – a little garlicky and a little mustardy! The whole plant (including the root) can be eaten and turned into a delicious wasabi-like mayo. 

It’s super high in vitamin A, beta carotene, vitamin C, calcium, iron and zinc, as well as having really impressive levels of omega-3 fatty acids. Try this superfood mayo recipe this week & always be 110% sure of anything you’re foraging! 


– 3 entire wild garlic mustard plants (root, stem, leaves and flowers)
– 3 tbsp white wine vinegar 
– 1 organic egg yolk
– 1 pinch salt


– Wash the wild garlic mustard and finely chop.
– Add everything minus the egg to a blender and whizz to create a hummus-like texture
– Add in the egg yolk and whizz again 
– Decant into a clean jar and leave to set in the fridge for a couple of hours.
– Enjoy as a dip, spread on sourdough, or toss through this season’s new potatoes

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