It’s time to feel more you…

Do you have a nagging health issue, digestive problems, skin issues, joint pain, or recurring stress and anxiety? Do you want to know how to enhance your energy and optimise your wellbeing? In these sessions, we get to the root of your physical or emotional health issues and provide a complete plan to get you back to feeling whole and well again.

It is my deep understanding there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution to true health, which is why I designed whole-health coaching as a way to give each person bespoke lifestyle and nutritional advice that actually works for their unique needs. Intelligently combining the principles of ancient traditions like Ayurveda & Chinese Medicine with the latest modern scientific research into health and wellbeing, this is true personalised medicine, taking into account the whole person inside and out.

Through the therapeutic use of foods and nutrition plans, herbs, movement and exercise plans, breathwork, supplements, and key lifestyle practices, you’ll understand your current state of health and wellbeing, and receive a bespoke plan to help you get back to feeling your best. We don’t just look at the symptoms, we look at the whole person, including your lifestyle, habits, your mindset, and much more. The programme is also suitable no matter what style of eating you choose – whether you’re plant-based or enjoy meat in your diet, the plan includes foods that align with your lifestyle and your choices. You’ll receive regular check-ins to help keep you on track, and you’ll understand exactly HOW and WHY the plan works, empowering you to become the master of your own wellbeing. Single-session consultations or 6 weeks coaching course available. 

Contact Emma at emmanewlynyoga@gmail.com or 07841373308 to book your session.

Single Consultation

A full hour to explore your health and wellbeing, and specific areas you’re looking for help with. You’ll receive a lifestyle plan, nutritional advice and bespoke herbal blends to help you start feeling better right away. £45 online / £55 in person.

Follow-up Consultation

A valuable check-in to see how your new nutrition, lifestyle plan and herbs have helped you. We address areas of your lifestyle that may need some tweaks, as well as helping you live more seasonally to support your overall health and wellbeing. £40 online / £50 in person.

6 Week Programme

With full support, the 6 week whole-health coaching programme is for YOU if you wan to boost your wellbeing and feel like the best version of yourself again. You’ll receive meal plans, lifestyle guidance, herbal blends, as well as learning exactly how and why the plan works, empowering you to become the master of your own wellbeing. £320

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