Feeling Your Best Starts Here…

Whole-Health consultations are exactly as the name suggests; they’re designed to benefit the whole of you! When it comes to health and wellbeing, the body is intricately connected; this is why an issue with your gut could be linked to your brain, or why your anxiety may be connected to the foods you’re eating. Whole-health consultations are perfect for anyone wanting to overcome a health challenge, get to the root of issues, or simply level-up your life so you can feel better than ever!

My Approach To Helping Your Body & Mind

I have worked to help people feel better physically, mentally and emotionally for over a decade, and it is this experience that has made me so passionate about helping you too. As a qualified yoga teacher, health coach, massage therapist, Ayurvedic lifestyle and nutrition guide, supplement advisor, and EFT practitioner, I utilise all the tools in my kit to address your unique needs. My approach combines modern, cutting edge research from the health and wellness world, with naturopathic techniques and the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Combining these approaches can truly lead to resolving the root cause of your health challenges, setting you on the path to feeling your most vibrant self. 

What You’ll Receive From A Whole-Health Coaching Consultation:

  • 1 hour to dive deep into your health and wellbeing, your current challenges, and your goals
  • A detailed, personalised plan of how to overcome health challenges and reach your goals
  • The recipes your body needs to heal 
  • Personalised meal plans and fitness plans  
  • Details of recommended supplements and discount codes 
  • Personalised self-care techniques to bring yourself back into balance
  • Optional additional testing for food sensitivities and toxicities
  • The value of accountability – I help you make all of this achievable!

Complete the contact form below to enquire & book. For details of the 6 Week Whole-Health Coaching Programme, see below. 

  • Your initial consultation is £50 online or £60 in-person. 
  • Follow-up consultations are £45 online or £55 in person. 

6 Session Pack of Coaching (3 month programme)

The session coaching programme is a personalised journey to achieving your health and wellbeing goals, whether they’re linked to your mind, your body, or everything in between. Think of it as personal training for your body, mind and life.

What You’ll Receive From The Whole-Health Coaching Programme:

  • 6 1-hour health coaching sessions, including diving into your health and wellbeing, setting goals, and keeping you on track. Each week of the programme has a different theme to nourish and recharge every aspect of your body and mind. 
  • Food sensitivity, toxicity and gut health testing
  • Detailed and personalised plans of how to overcome health challenges and reach your goals
  • Personalised recipes 
  • Personalised meal plans and fitness plans  
  • An effective natural detox plan
  • A daily planner to help you cultivate a routine that truly serves you 
  • Journaling prompts to uncover what may have been holding you back 
  • Details of recommended supplements and discount codes 
  • Guided meditations and optional yoga classes
  • Personalised self-care techniques to bring yourself back into balance
  • The value of accountability – I’m there every step of the way to help make your goals achievable with regular check ins.
  • Ability to contact me any time Mon-Fri 9am-5pm with questions. 
  • Continued support after you finish the 6 sessions

Please note: The 6 coaching sessions must be used within 3 months.

6 session coaching pack (3 month programme + support throughout): £360

Complete the contact form below to book or to ask for more information. If you’d like to book a free 15 minute discovery call to learn more about how we can work together to get you the best results, please include your phone number in the form below, and we’ll get in touch.

Hi Emma, I just want to thank you again for the Whole Health Coaching sessions. I work in the mind/body/soul arena myself, and completely understand how important it is to trust the person holding space for you. I absolutely KNEW without a shadow of doubt when I signed up for the 8 weeks that I was in the best hands. I knew it was safe to be vulnerable, and I was ready to do the work. To have shifted from feeling out of whack, bloated, tired and mega overwhelmed to more balanced, energised, and empowered with more knowledge in such a short space of time is brilliant. I now have more awareness regarding nutrition and adequate rest for my body, with extra clarity and self-compassion in my mind. Literally from the first session, I felt held, supported. I loved having a focus each week, it took me out of overwhelm and allowed me to take one step at a time, and consider the choices I make in every area of my life. The recipes were all delicious, and I felt truly nurtured and nourished. As the 8 weeks went on, new habits formed, the overwhelm subsided, the bloat buggered off, and the lighter side of me started to emerge. Your knowledge of nutrition, supplements, movement, energy and Ayurveda is incredible. The way you work is flexible and intuitive and was always exactly what I needed. I have zero hesitation in recommending you to anyone ready to embrace change and rebalance. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You are a true blessing to humanity.”

– Kaz, Whole Health Coaching Client (online)

I would like to say a very big thank you for all your advice and support you have shown me over the last few months.By implementing all that I have learnt I feel I have been in a very positive place during the autumn and winter months which in the past I have found hard.

The mind set I have learnt from yourself along side the spices and diet changes you have suggested while still practicing yoga daily has really impacted on my life.I feel in control of my body and mind and if this every needs a little readjustment along the way I am now able to listen, reflect and change to what my body and mind needs.”

Sandra – Whole Health Coaching Client (in-person)

A big thank you Emma for a most enjoyable experience, working with you on my Whole Health Coaching course. I did not really know what to expect but it was just what I needed to get my life back on track.
 I found Emma extremely easy to talk to and with her non-judgemental approach I felt at ease to communicate with her. The Ayurveda philosophy was amazing, and Emma’s knowledge and recommendations from the vits, herb drinks, tasty recipes and the recommended breathing exercises and Yoga was what I and my body needed. 
Writing in my journal was also interesting for me writing down my thoughts something I have not done before; it was an effective way for me to reflect. I did not realise just how much I did not give myself any time, but all change. 
I can feel the difference, I feel nourished, centred and positive about my future. You have given me skills I will use for life. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole Holistic approach in doing this course. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who needs sometime for themselves, also to try the wonderful Ayurvedic philosophy. Emma’s approach for me was, simply perfect!

Gloria – Whole Health Coaching Client (online)

“I recently completed the 6-week Whole Health Coaching sessions with Emma; although it was 8 sessions, everything I have learned will definitely stay with me much longer and has been a really lifestyle changer for me. From the first week, I felt the difference physically and emotionally and these changes/improvements continued throughout the weeks.

Emma brings so much knowledge (like SO much), encouragement, understanding, compassion and heart to every session and every weekly plan. I was able to talk openly about things I was not happy with, things I wanted to change, things that were going well, things I was struggling with and Emma was able to address these and give suggestions, plans, changes in food/habits/thinking/routines that helped me work through them. Emma was encouraging when I needed it, understanding and gave those little extra pushes when I was struggling.

I could message Emma with questions or when I felt like I needed that bit of extra motivation and she was always there to help out and support. Through this work I feel more energised, I feel healthier in mind and body and I feel like I can make good choices that will help me. The information, plans, recipes etc. will continue to be great references and when I feel the need to, I can refer back to them and remind myself (which is great for me, as I often need reminding!). I would highly recommend anyone thinking about making this investment to go for it, as it is so worth it and as Emma reminded me…you are worth it!”

– Becky – Whole-Health Coaching Client (in-person)

Just wanted to update you since my consultation with you. I’m a bit scared to say it out loud, but since I’ve stopped eating and drinking soya products, my bloating is so much better! I am sleeping really well and also cut my sugar intake. It’s made me much more aware of what I am eating. Fingers crossed but huge thanks. I am also having much better meetings with my mum as I am offloading my anxiety when I get home as you guided me to”.

Jasmine – Whole-Health Coaching Client (in-person)

“Emma was recommended through a friend as a Whole-Health coach. I initially contacted her for help with my eczema symptoms, but what I gained was so much more than that. Emma introduced lifestyle changes for me to slowly implement over the course of our work together, not just looking at my physical health, but also my emotional and spiritual health. I found the programme hugely beneficial and would recommend to anyone looking to get to know their body better, feel more energised and get more out of life. Thanks Emma!”

Eilidh – Whole-Health Coaching Client (online)