Using The Principles Of ‘Hygge’ To Help Us Slow Down In January

The first week back to work, school and ‘normal’ life after Christmas can be a bit of a shock to the system. Especially if the festive period was busy for you, it’s common to feel stressed and tired in January, which is why this isn’t the best month for making New Years resolutions! As we enter the second week back, how are you feeling?

If we look at the laws of nature instead of the calendar on the wall, we notice that ‘new year’ doesn’t happen on January 1st, it happens at the beginning of Spring, when the plants and animals start to emerge and ‘spring’ back into life again. In the middle of Winter in January, this is still the time to slow down, turn inward and look after yourself – it’s not the time to dive head-first into a harsh diet or ‘cleanse’…

The principles of ‘Hygge’ (referring to a sense of cosiness and contentment) can teach us how to navigate the last half of Winter with more wellbeing, so if you want to live in alignment with what your body really wants instead of what media advertisements are telling us we want right now, read my latest blog for on how to live with more Hygge this January!

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