Practice: Camatkarasana (Wild Thing)


Camatkarasana or ‘wild thing’ is an expansive, energising and FUN backbend. If you’re planning on practicing Urdhva Dhanurasana (full wheel) then this is a good option to warm up with. Wild thing is also not-so-elegantly named ‘flip the dog’ sometimes….

You may need to open the hips a little before ‘flipping’ in to the pose, (try some warrior poses first) and perhaps move through some sun salutations or gentle backbends like cobra to get the spine ready.

Entering Camatkarasana from downward facing dog trains us to get used to doing things which may seem a little scary at first, in the beginning you have to learn to trust that your body will work with you here.


  •  From downward facing dog, inhale as you raise the [right] leg.
  •  Raise that leg up high, and then begin to bend the knee, letting the foot come up and over towards your [left] side, so you’re opening out your hips.
  •  Continue to bring the foot over more and more, until you’re ready to (gently) drop the foot to the floor and take your right arm up and over head.
  • Stay in this backbend for enough time so you can really feel the opening in the front of the body, feeling a long line of energy and full stretch across the body.
  •  To come out of the pose, lift the [right] leg back up and gently ‘flip’ back over to downward facing dog. Then take it to the other side, lifting the [left] leg this time.
  • Backbends are generally ‘energising’ and can leave us feeling refreshed and a little more alert and positive. Give it a try and see how it works for you!

P.S…. play this song to get the full benefits….

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