Rawberry Jam Recipe

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This raw, vegan and sugar-free jam tastes just as sweet as the kind you’d usually spread on your toast, but this time it’s even more delicious because it’s HEALTHY!

The chia seeds give the jam an extra boost of energising omega 3 goodness, while the fact that it’s raw means none of the nutrient value has been decreased through cooking.


2 cups of mixed berries, e.g. strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and cherries. (I use frozen, because it’s cheaper! Plus, freezing keeps the nutrients intact within the fruit).

3-5 tbsp of chia seeds, depending on the thickness you’re after

1-2 tbsp organic, pure maple syrup or raw honey

Juice of half a lemon

A little water (as much as is needed when you start to blend)


Place the majority of your berries in to a blender and blend until they’re all softened. (Leave a few to the side to use later).

Add the lemon juice and maple syrup and blend again until everything is combined

Add a little water, depending on how thick the mixture is. You want enough water to make a thick paste. So not too firm and not too runny.

When you’ve blended all of the ingredients, pour your mixture in to a jar

Add the left over berries and 3-5 tbsp of chia seeds and stir well. The chia seeds will thicken after a few hours, so think about how thick you really like your jam before adding the seeds.

Place the jam in the fridge to set for a few hours

Easy-peasy healthy jam, with no sugar and all the nutrients still intact!

This jam is perfect if you need a little energy boost or are craving something sweet in the afternoon. Just take a couple of teaspoons of the jam, and this will satisfy any cravings in no time. Also delicious on top of porridge, yogurt and vegan icecream! (recipe coming soon….)

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