‘Weightless’ – The Most Relaxing Song In The World…. + It’s Competition Time!

You’ve likely already felt how music can change your mood. Music has a very powerful affect on the way we feel, and different sounds can quickly change our state of mind. Whatever mood you’re in, there’s a song for it, but when you need to relax, what do you choose?

Relaxation is something we need more now than ever, but if you find yourself constantly busy and often stressed, it can take a very long time for the mind to wind down and actually reach that state of calmness. Music is a powerful tool we can use to elicit the relaxation we need, helping calm the nervous system and bring us back to an optimal state of health and happiness. When we relax – and I mean really relax, not with a good book or a glass of wine, or a coffee or a movie, but with that undivided focus on stilling the mind and just being – our bodies respond extremely positively. Putting ourselves in a constant state of stress from either worrying, over-exercising, under-nourishing, or generally mistreating ourselves creates an unhealthy and damaging environment for our bodies and minds. Actually taking time to fully and wholely relax begins to heal any damage stress has created, enabling us to go back into the world with more energy a positivity.

Certain rhythms, frequencies and effects can be combined to bring about this much needed sense of relaxation, and ‘Weightless’ by Marconi Union has that special something…. In fact the track works so well that it’s been coined ‘the most relaxing song in the world’ across the internet since its release.

Music and sound is so powerful in fact, that Sound Therapy is becoming more recognised as a very effective way of treating many different types of both physical and emotional pain. Tuning into different sounds allows our brainwaves to align with frequencies that elicit relaxation and wellbeing. Lyz Cooper, the UK’s leading Sound Therapist had this to say about the track:

“What distinguishes Weightless from other music is the use of therapeutic sound. Many musicians and composers intuitively use therapeutic elements in their music every day, but when you put many of these elements together it is possible to create music that has an extremely relaxing effect on people”

‘The most relaxing song in the world’ is a pretty big claim to make, so I interviewed the band and found out more about the inspiration behind Weightless, as well as some of their own tips on finding relaxation. You’ll be able to read the full interview in next Monday’s post!

So you know how beneficial sound is for helping us to find relaxation, and Weightless in particular, is around 8 minutes of pure uninterrupted bliss, so now it’s time to get involved…. It’s competition time!

I’m so glad to be able to offer 10 copies of the Weightless single to give away, but this competition is a little different…. Instead of winning the CD for yourself, this is more about doing something to help someone else, so this is what I’d love for everyone to do: Nominate someone you know who really deserves some relaxation right now, send me their name and your reason, and I’ll get in contact with the 10 winners. (Enter by midnight on Sunday 16th Novemer). I’ll either send the CD to you, or we can work out a way of sending the CD straight to your nomination as an anonymous gift with a message of your choice! (hint hint…. it’s not long until Christmas, and this would make an amazing gift for your stressed-out friend, colleague or relative)….

If you’d like to get involved, then contact me via any of these options:

Email: emmanewlynyoga@gmail.com

Facebook: LIKE EmmaNewlynYoga and send me a message

Twitter: @emmanewlynyoga – send me a tweet or direct message

Instagram: @EmmaNewlynYoga – find the corresponding photo and leave a comment

For more guidance on finding relaxation, Ekhart Yoga have some brilliant videos and blog posts to help you relax the way you deserve! ……

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  1. […] of all…. Thanks to all of you who entered the competition last week to win a copy of Marconi Union’s Weightless. Congratulations to the winners have all been […]

  2. So True! Wish I was able to enter the competition. I’d love to feature you on the https://australian.yoga Australian Yoga Directory. Please pop over ot the site and send me a message and I show you how to gain a complimentary listing.
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