India Update + A Last Minute Christmas List

Having spent a week relaxing and acclimatising in South Goa, I’m now immersing myself in learning and practicing with Julie Martin and Brahmani Yoga on a level 2 500hr Yoga teacher training. I’m so grateful to have this time; nearly a week in and my head is about ready to explode with all of this new inspiration! As well as learning so much every day and experiencing a whole lot more than anticipated; other little karma-yoga tasks we are set to do are a great reminder that it feels so so good to do something small and simple for someone else every day. The concept of ‘being of service’ is something that has become very important to me over the past year, which is why I love teaching free community classes on an ‘energy exchange’ basis (in which the students promise to do something positive with the energy they create in their asana practice). Taking our Yoga practice off the mat by actually just being a good person can make a huge difference to our own lives and everyone around us, and it only takes small and simple actions. (So this Christmas, if you can’t afford to physically buy expensive presents, your good actions could probably make more of a positive impact.)

Having the chance to further my understanding of yoga in all its different aspects means I have so much more to share with you in classes and workshops that will enable you to really get the most out of your practice, to move in a way that actually serves your body and mind, and to appreciate yourself as you are, not how you think you should be….

In the couple of days off we have, it’d be great to explore a little more, so If anyone has been to Goa before and has suggestions of where to visit, then leave a note here and let me know! The parts outside of our beautiful retreat center I have already explored are a great example of the contrast of India, and each exploration is full of new sights, smells, and sounds…. Some amazing, some I could have done without, but it’s all part of the adventure!

Hope you’re all having a lovely Winter at home; being away for both my birthday and Christmas is not something I envisaged this time last year and I’m missing you all lots; especially missing teaching regular classes and seeing your faces each week. Having already been inspired beyond words, I really can’t wait to share these incredible concepts with you when I return in January! Check the ‘classes’ part of the website for all up and coming classes in 2015, which include a couple of new week-night vinyasa flow classes.


+ A last minute Christmas present list:

As it’s the season of giving and sharing…. Here are a few companies, websites, teachers, blogs and studios that I have been lucky enough to have been involved with, worked with, written for and experienced over the past year. They all have a great selection or products, gifts, clothes, yoga class passes, retreats, therapies, workshops and more that would be perfect for a special Christmas gift, so check out:

Part & Parcel A Yoga Documentary Satsang DVD

Be-Yoga: class passes & workshops (Yoga studio in Haywards Heath, Sussex)

LOOSEYoga: class passes (Yoga studio in Crawley, Sussex)

Revitalise Brighton & Hove: classes & therapies (Yoga studio and therapy rooms in Brighton)

Jo Youle: Retreats, classes & workshops. **Click here to find out more about her special January retreat in Goa, India!**

Ekhart Yoga: Online Yoga classes & blog

Yoga Moo: Classes in Reigate, Sussex

Mikaela Perera of Kemptown Yoga: Classes in Brighton, Sussex

Lush Cosmetics: Environmentally friendly, natural products

Gossypium: Eco-friendly Yoga clothing company based in Sussex, UK (contact me if you’re a regular student of mine for discount!)

EmmaNewlynYoga (of course!): Yoga classes, workshops & massage therapy. Class passes, massage gift vouchers & 1-2-1 offers.

Have a lovely week, see you soon!
Stay curious, be kind & take your yoga practice off the mat

A photo of the beautiful Goa sunset for you:
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