Raw, Black Sesame Seed Tahini Hummus (In Collaboration With Indigo Herbs)

RAW BLACK TAHINI PHOTO Ok, don’t be scared of the colour of this dip…. Although the appearance is a little unusual, (it’s been compared to concrete….) this is because it uses raw black sesame seeds, rather than the processed white variety! Healthy may not always be ‘pretty’, but it’ll definitely help you feel your best from the inside out, and this dip definitely tastes delicious!

Thankfully, this time of year there’s plenty of Spring and Summer time colour around, and we’re often eating more fresh produce, so this hummus provides an interesting contrast to the rainbow of foods around us at meal times.

This is another recipe in collaboration with Indigo Herbs, who are based in Glastonbury and provide amazing health products. Have a look at their website to discover ways of boosting your nutrition naturally, there’s also a whole host of non food-based products such as aromatherapy and herbal incense!


400g tin of cannellini beans (drained)

Pinch of pink Himalayan salt (or good quality salt)

5 tbsp olive oil

Juice of ½ a lemon

3 tbsp Indigo Herbs Organic Raw Black Sesame Tahini


Place all ingredients in a food processor or blender, and blend to form a thick, creamy texture.

If you like, you can add more olive oil or lemon juice to suit your preferred taste.

Serve with crunchy and colourful carrots, peppers, tomatoes and cucumber.  

Cannellini beans are extremely high in potassium, protein and fibre, which means they not only provide our muscles with the ability to build muscle, but to repair it more quickly from wear and tear too. The fibre will help maintain healthy digestion, so they’re a very good choice for anyone looking to fill up and satisfy hunger cravings if you’re switching to a healthier diet, or cutting down on animal products.

Pink Himalayan salt contains all the essential minerals our bodies need, and adding just a small amount to meals can massively boost iron content, which will aid in reducing fatigue. Commercial table salt is stripped of all its minerals and is often treated with artificial preservatives and caking agents, whereas pink Himalayan salt is all natural and contains all the vitamins and minerals (about 80+) that it’s meant to, so choose wisely when sprinkling on the salt!

Olive oil is often touted as ‘heart healthy’, and can aid in reducing blood pressure too. Research shows that those who consume a diet higher in olive oil are less likely to develop rheumatoid arthritis, and it also boosts the body’s ability to absorb calcium, very important for those facing osteophorosis.

Lemons are naturally detoxifying, and are also contain a very high amount of vitamin C – important for protecting the body from all sorts of illnesses, both common and serious.

Black sesame is extremely high in vitamin B1 and fibre; they reduce inflammation and the black seeds are especially high in calcium and magnesium, meaning they’re brilliant for maintaining muscle and bone health. Calcium and magnesium are also beneficial for reducing tension headaches and migraines, so boost your intake if you regularly suffer from this type of pain.

“It’s difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato.”

Lewis Grizzard

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