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While the use of supplements is controversial, there’s no denying the fact that the food we eat these days isn’t always able to provide all the nutrients we need to stay healthy. Not only do many big companies use pesticides, chemical enhancers and artificial preservatives all before the food reaches the supermarket shelves, the soil it is grown in is more than likely ‘depleted’.

Of course we ‘should’ be able to get all our nutrients from a well balanced diet, but there are a lot of reasons why that may not be possible any more, including the fact that the animals that produce much of the food the nation eats are fed poor diets in the first place, the fact that we are now exposed to so many more pollutants and toxins which therefore effects our ability to absorb nutrients, and ‘reduced fat’ artificial diet foods which essentially replace most real ingredients with sugar and chemicals. There are a lot of fascinating reasons as to why supplements may be beneficial, read THIS fascinating article to find out more about the food on your table. (It’s a genuinely interesting read, and reveals secrets about the food industry you may not know).

It’s important to know which supplements will actually benefit you, and how you can best allow the body to absorb the nutrients from them. Researching the company you’re purchasing from is also essential, as many supplements contain a huge amount of artificial additions, and could actually do more harm than good.

I was recently introduced to Love Life Supplements – a company who specialise in high-quality supplements, and have firm, respectable ethics:

“We believe in obtaining as much nutrition as possible from our environment and the foods that we eat, in as natural a state as possible, of the highest quality and preferably organic. Unfortunately, due to a number of factors, including; poor soil quality, geographical location, financial constraints, availability and convenience, this is not always possible.

This why we firmly believe in high quality nutritional supplementation as a means of providing the body with what it needs in times when dietary and environmental sources are lacking or when specific, targeted, highly bio-available nutrition is required for fitness and sports performance goals. It is this belief that is the inspiration behind what you see before you today; a company that is dedicated to providing supplements and vitamins of the highest quality, made in the UK, with the finest natural ingredients and to the strictest possible standards. Those standards are defined as Good Manufacturing Practice or GMP and they are the same principles that underpin pharmaceutical medicine. The manufacturing facility we use is fully GMP certified.

We do NOT cut any corners. If we cannot produce a product to those standards, we won’t. This ensures that, although our supplements will never replace whole foods, they come a close second and can fill any gaps that may be lacking in your diet”.

We decided to team up, and the company provided me with a few different supplements, which I’ll be reviewing and sharing about over the next couple of months.
First up was Panax Ginseng….


Ginseng is a slow-growing plant, with Panax Ginseng being native to Asia and Korea. Ginseng is a natural herb and is commonly used in herbal medicine. It’s well known for aiding concentration, enhancing energy and also has the ability to lower stress levels while increasing stamina. The herb is traditionally used to aid the function of the immune system and as a way to boost mood levels, and this specific variety is considered ‘more stimulating’ than the American Ginseng ‘Panax quinquefolius.’

As someone who has a lot of different aspects to my work, I’m often swapping between focussing on writing, reviewing, blogging and those constant back-and-forth emails, and then on teaching Yoga or practicing myself, as well as keeping up an almost daily swimming routine whilst also cycling instead of driving everywhere. All of that means my brain and body are constantly ‘doing’, and sometimes it requires a little boost of energy.

panax gingseng pictureCoffee and sugar are two ways in which we often raise our energy levels quickly, and due to a busy schedule, I often manage to drink an abundance of caffeine in the afternoon. While I’m not reaching for sugary snacks or artificial energy drinks (and coffee has a lot of health benefits) – too much isn’t going to provide long-term sustainable energy or a good night’s sleep….

The Experience

After a few days of taking the Panax Ginseng supplements I noticed a big difference in the way I felt throughout the day; Not only was I able to concentrate on my writing for a longer period of time, I also got much more done and completed projects which I had previously been procrastinating about a little….

When taking the supplements in the morning, I felt the boost of energy kick in after a few days of regularly taking the supplement, and seemed to able to swim stronger and faster than before, and also felt stronger in my own Yoga practice.

After the initial boost of energy, there was surprisingly no slump like there is with coffee and sugar. The afternoon coffee was no longer so necessary, and instead I opted for something with more protein and wholesome goodness. If you are prone to that ‘afternoon slump’ and you feel it’s effecting the choices you make later in the day, then I would highly recommend this supplement as a way to source natural plant energy for yourself, and then see whether you really need the coffee and sugar at 3pm….

Could Panax Ginseng Work For You?

If you know you tend to ‘lag’ at any point during the day, or you rely on chemical-filled energy drinks or unhealthy foods to ‘get you through the day’, then it’s worth trying Panax Ginseng for yourself, as the natural plant extracts have been used for thousands of years and are a revered source of sustaining energy. If you’re looking for a way to boost your energy levels before an enduring exercise session or a big day that requires lots of concentration, then obtaining your energy from Panax Ginseng can really provide that much needed ‘oomph’….

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