Quick & Easy Banana, Almond Butter & Jam Breakfast

banana breakfast recipeFor days when you’re busy and there’s no time to make pancakes – kamut and coconut porridge, papaya bowls, or even a smoothie for breakfast…. (it takes longer than you think when you factor in washing up the blender!) This breakfast is simple and requires only a few ingredients to create a surprisingly incredibly nutritious and ‘complete’ meal.

Bananas: A brilliant source of potassium and magnesium – which are both essential for muscle and nervous system maintenance – bananas contain electrolytes and are well known for keeping mood and energy levels high due to their healthy carbohydrates. This fruit is also abundant in tryptophan, the chemical than becomes converted into serotonin by the body and releases hormones which contribute to a good mood!

Almond Butter: High in protein and healthy fats, almond butter is one of the easiest ways to consume some high quality vegan protein and is easier to digest than whole, solid nuts.

Chia Jam (optional): This chia jam recipe has all the deliciousness of jam, while offering healthy benefits. The chia seeds will swell and fill you up, and are also known to provide a huge amount of energy. The berries blended into the jam are full of antioxidants and vitamin C, while the pure maple syrup is lower in sugar than other natural sweeteners, and

Hemp Seeds: Amazing for boosting your mood as well as protein & omega-3 levels. Hemp seeds are one of the highest vegan protein sources, and are also the easiest to digest.

Cinnamon: Balancing blood sugar levels is important not just for hunger levels, but mood levels too…. a low blood sugar level can contribute to feelings of irritability, fatigue, exhaustion and being ‘hangry’ (i.e. Hungry and Angry….)

How To

Slice a large banana in half length-ways

Sprinkle cinnamon onto both halves

Spread almond butter onto one banana half, and chia jam on the other (if you don’t have chia jam, spread almond butter onto both, or use another healthy condiment)

Sprinkle over 1-2 tbsp hemp seeds

Eat and enjoy!


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