Awesome Autumnal Ambience: Special 50% Discount Off Amazing Music Until The End Of September

justlisten-1024x252Music is a powerful tool which effects us on the deepest emotional and personal levels – whether it brings happiness, sadness, nostalgia, excitement, anger, relaxation or an overwhelming feeling we can’t even quite describe….

As someone who has always been very strongly effected my music, I regularly use music in Yoga classes to enhance the feeling, theme or bhav we’re focussing on in that particular class. Not all teachers would agree on using music, and many will say that music is inappropriate in class as it detracts from the ability to attain a state of pratyahara – (translated as ‘sense withdrawal’). However, all teachers would agree that authenticity and truth or satya are more important than our differing opinions, and if music, awful jokes that I can’t help saying, and the most colourful yoga leggings I can find to wear are part of me being authentic and true, then hell yes I will bring it to class…..

“When we speak the truth, the universe speaks through us”….

– Simon Hass

If you’ve ever asked about the music in any class you attend (or if I’ve ever made you a very home-made compilation CD of songs from class…) or even if you’re looking for some new music to suit the darker nights and Autumnal days, then you might want to take a look at a few of these songs from the Just Music Café compilation albums. These albums all include ambient, alternative, acoustic, electronic and quite honestly just very very cool pieces of music.


Until the end of September, you are welcome to use the code ‘emmanewlyn’ for 50% off the entire catalogue….

CLICK HERE to head to the compilations section and enter the discount code ‘emmanewlyn’ when purchasing any of the compilation albums until the end of the month!

To get an idea of the kind of music you’ll hear, click these links to hear Vol.1 , Vol.2 , Vol.3 , and Vol. 4 of the Just Music Cafe compilations. Volume 4 The Ambient Zone includes Weightless by Marconi Union, coined as ‘the most relaxing song in the world’, and is a piece which is regularly asked about after being used for savasana at the end of class.

Share the link with anyone you think would appreciate it, and enjoy!

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