Bring Your Own Light To The Darkness: Empowering The Body To Heal & Energise Itself

free3It is well documented within non-western medicine and holistic therapy that the body has the innate ability to heal itself – all we have to do is ignite that ability….

In exactly the same way that the earth maintains a constant state of homeostasis (or ‘balance’), the body will always endeavour to return to full health whenever we find ourselves out of balance – whether that’s due to physical injury, emotional trauma, or skeletal misalignment. This can be easily noticed when the body is injured, or if there’s an underlying weakness in a certain muscle group or joint: the body will compensate by engaging other muscle groups, we may hold ourselves differently, or walk a little differently. If this continues, we may eventually become so imbalanced that the body can’t cope any more, and we feel serious pain….

This is the kind of pain most of us put up with because ‘that’s life’. Once we cross the threshold of twenty-five years of age, it’s almost as though we’re expected to feel as though we’re falling apart….

Certain countries known as the Blue Zones are home to some of the world’s happiest and healthiest people; they often live beyond ninety-years-old and many make it past 100. But why?

  • They exercise regularly or make movement a part of their daily lives
  • They eat simple foods and stop when they’re satisfied
  • They have a healthy work / life balance
  • They spend time outside in nature
  • They eat plenty of omega 3 fats
  • They consume a high amount of local fruits and vegetables and whole foods
  • They maintain relatively low stress levels
  • They have a connection to other people, usually by maintaining strong, supportive and positive connections within the community
  • They eat meat rarely if ever and usually get their protein from fish or tofu
The world’s ‘blue zones’ currently comprise:
  • The Italian island of Sardinia
  • Okinawa, Japan
  • Loma Linda, California
  • Costa Rica’s isolated Nicoya Peninsula
  • Ikaria, an isolated Greek island

The people of Iceland and New Zealand are also known to live long, healthy, happy lives (they are also two of the least populated countries and have very low pollution levels).

While these are all pleasant places, they might not pop up first on your holiday wish list. Cities like New York, London and Paris are very popular ‘must see’ places, and let’s just say those who live in Benidorm, ‘Marbs’ and Ibiza aren’t exactly living especially long, balanced and healthy lives….

108849517__309991cA huge reason as to why these people live the way they do (and therefore live well into their elderly years) is because they choose to do so, and they make it a lifestyle. Some countries like Finland have even gone from high levels of heart disease as the main cause of death to becoming one of the healthiest, proving that we all have the ability to ignite our own health and happiness if we want to do so….

Autumn has arrived in the Northern hemisphere, which means less hours of natural daylight, often accompanied by lower mood levels, lethargy and a tendency to lean towards unhealthier foods and less exercise….

This ‘bleugh’ feeling many of us experience in Autumn and Winter doesn’t have to be suffered though; we don’t need to jet off on holiday or even venture outside ourselves to feel good. There are simple but extremely effective techniques and daily habits we can bring into our lives in order to bring our own light to the darkness.

Introducing…. ‘The Thymus Thump’

thymus inageThe thymus gland is extremely important in maintaining mood and energy levels, and for keeping our immune system strong. This gland is often overlooked when it comes to curing illness, but it’s one that has a huge impact upon our wellbeing. When we suffer physical or emotional stress, this gland shrinks – thus depleting our ability to fight illness. Our mood and energy levels drop, and if this cycle continues, we end up physically and emotionally very ill.

There are lots of ways we can ‘test’ the strength and activity of the thymus gland – which I’ll delve into in a later post (you can also discover these techniques for yourself in books like Your Body Doesn’t Lie by Dr. John Diamond and Energy Medicine by Donna Eden & Dr. David Feinstein). For now, let’s look at one very simple technique you can use to bring about more energy and ‘aliveness’ into your day….

The Thymus 

The thymus gland lies just below the sternum (the breast bone). It is the gland closest to the heart, and is also strongly linked to the energetic center of the heart; the heart chakra. All chakras are linked to specific glands and place in the body. Take a look at this image which illustrates the link between the physical and energetic counterparts:

chakrachartand glands

This is also where we tend to physically move the hands when expressing genuine truth, love and gratitude. The heart is a very powerful place and by ‘tapping’ into the potential energy this place holds, we empower ourselves to be as healthy and uplifted as we naturally would be.

How to:

  • ‘Place the fingers of either or both hands in the center of your sternum, at the thymus gland.
  • Use your thumb and all your fingers, tap firmly, breathing slowly and deeply, in through your nose and out through your mouth, for two or three deep breaths’.
    (Excerpt from Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine)

Wait a few moments afterward to feel the effects. It is likely that this technique will bring about more energy and a greater sense of wellbeing – almost as though the body and mind are properly waking up. It is said that this practice specifically ‘awakens the body’s energies, boosts the immune system and increases strength and vitality’. This practice can be done daily in the mornings to set you up for the hours ahead, and repeated whenever you feel stressed, anxious, tired, and particularly at this precise time of year when the immune system could use a boost!

By utilising the body’s own ability it has to heal itself, we empower ourselves and rely less upon pills and chemical medicines, doctors and prescriptions, and eventually stimulants like caffeine become unnecessary because the body is already naturally full of energy. As we progress throughout the Autumn and Winter, I’ll continue to share simple techniques and lifestyle habits we can all use to wake up the body’s own power and feel more alive, balanced, strong, healthy and happy.

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