Christmas Gift: 15% off Long Live Legs Activewear

photo (28)It’s no secret that a new pair of running shoes is more likely to encourage us to carry out that new year’s resolution of going for a morning run. Putting healthy food in the fridge will encourage us to put that healthy food in our mouths, and a new pair of Yoga pants is one way to get us on to the Yoga mat. Whether we like to admit it or not; we might be all about higher consciousness and self-realisation most of the time, but putting on a new pair of leggings to practice in is always a treat, especially when they happen to be extra beautiful and totally unique….

Mikaela Perera is a visionary artist and designer and Yoga teacher based in Brighton, and the founder of Long Live Legs Activewear.

Bakasana photoAs a way to get everyone off the sofa and onto the Yoga mat this Winter, I’ve collaborated with Long Live Legs to give all of my Yoga students 15% off each purchase you make! Make boring Yoga leggings a thing of the past and add some colour and cheer to the world as you make your way to class.

Mikaela originally made the first pair of leggings for herself as she couldn’t find any that fitted comfotably, but after students started asking her where they too could get some from, she began making a range of Yoga clothing, tailored to fit each person’s needs. These leggings are suitable for
lll at byfpracticing hot yoga in too, and have been specially made so they fit just like new for a long time and won’t be come baggy around the knees or waist. Once you start a Yoga practice, it’s likely you’ll start to basically live in your Yoga pants, so having good quality and comfortable leggings is pretty important.

Each pair of Long Live Legs leggings are completely unique and made exactly how you would like them to be. To get your own pair, simply long into Facebook and head to the Long Live Legs facebook page. Send Mikaela a message beginning with the discount code ‘Emma1’ to receive your 15% off. You’ll then be able to discuss the exact pattern and style of leggings you’d like and it won’t be only until you have your very own pair of bespoke Yoga pants.

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Merry Christmas

To keep up to date with Mikaela’s art and clothing creations, follow her on facebook.


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