Love Yourself: #LFLOVES February 2016 LookFantastic Beauty Box

February is the month of Love, but we can’t give it out unless we’ve got it within ourselves to start with…. Self-acceptance, respect, care and love are the fundamental things that allow us to truly love and respect others.

Love makes the world go round, so take the time to nourish yourself and not only will your body thank you, but the world will too. Simple daily rituals of self-care go a very long way towards creating optimal wellbeing. Take a look at this month’s beauty box from
LookFantastic – all products are still available online, and if you subscribe you’ll be able to receive February’s Beauty Box for just £15. Pretty impressive when you realise that what’s inside is worth over £50….

Each month you’ll receive a host of luxurious surprises, but here’s a peek at what February’s box offers….

What’s In The Box?

To start with – this month’s beauty box even contained a copy of Elle Magazine, and if that wasn’t an invitation to run a warm bath and relax while reading it, I don’t know what is….

KMS Colorvitality Colour Conditioner (RRP: £13.50)

kms image

Helping to keep hair free of tangles, and helping to maintain your hair’s colour in all its glory. The combination of lilac and ginger calms the scalp, while also nourishing and protecting from UV rays.




Lord And Berry 20100 Matte Lipstick (RRP £10)

lord & berryEasy to apply and long-lasting; the berry-pink colour is subtle enough to wear daily, while special enough to feel like a treat.



Hi Impact Brows (RRP £18.99)

browsCompact and easy to blend, allowing you to find the colour that suits you most. It’s surprising how many different emotions and reactions our eyebrows give away; we use them subtly while communicating all the time, so care for them and they’ll care for you….




Bliss Naked Body Butter Maximum Moisture Cream (RRP: £22)

body butterBodies look better natural and naked, so give yours some well-deserved love with this luxurious cream. With vitamins A and E to combat free radicals, it also contains arnica montana, which has powerful healing properties. Slather on anywhere that needs a little love and hydration.



Denman Mini Hairbrush (RRP £2.79)

denman mini hairbrushA mini version of the classic styling brush – you’ll be able to keep this with you without taking up much space at all. For those post-work evenings out, this will come in handy for transforming hair from day to night.






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