Yoga Luxe Blog Re-Post: Is ‘Wellness’ Making Us Un-Well?



As a regular contributor to Yoga Luxe, I recently published what could be one of the most controversial topics I’ve written upon so far. After attending lots and lots of ‘wellness’ events, reading books as well as recent articles in the press, conducting interviews, and being inspired by various workshops over the past few months, it seemed right to add another voice to those who are beginning to understand that there’s a difference with being healthy, and being obsessed. 

If we can be healthy enough to do what we want to do in life, and healthy enough to be of service, make a difference and help others, then we’re doing just fine. When health becomes all about how many raw superfood powders and handfuls of frozen kale you can shove in your blender, avoiding any sort of situation in which you might have to interact with ‘normal’ people and do something ‘unhealthy’, and how long you can stay in a handstand for while trying to simultaneously photograph it for Instagram, then it becomes self-centred, narcissistic and essentially becomes a disease.


Read the full article HERE. 

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