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This month saw the release of a box that celebrates the very finest of what the UK has to offer in terms of health and beauty. From all the products we’ve worked with this year, the August box has selected the best of the British goodies and found something to nourish hair, skin and lips to leave you feeling lovely.

As always, the products are natural, kind to the planet and kind to the body. This month’s box is available from £11.25 and worth over £50. Click HERE to get yours!
The extra-special thing about this month’s beauty box, is that I wasn’t sent it in the post, I was invited to the very special #LFBestOfBritish event in Covent Garden, London to receive it!

The evening was host to some very special companies: Dr. Botanicals were mixing custom blends of their nurturing facial oils depending upon each person’s skin type, with no parabens or harmful ingredients. Neom provided their energy boosting on-the-go mist, while Organic Surge offered their Extra Care Replenishing Facial Oil and Lavender Hand Cream – all of which I’m currently using and very much enjoying! I’ve even been able to use the hand cream with massage clients who have loved the relaxing scent, and the fact that the mixture is all-natural too.


Bloom and Blossom

LFspritzRejuvenating Facial Spritz

Treat your skin to 11 natural ingredients and a refreshing boost this summer. Horsetail Leaf and Gotu Cola extracts help to reduce fine lines and dark circles, while aloe vera and lime oil improve skin tone too. This is a perfect pick-me-up spritz to keep in your bag, and even better for taking on long flights to refresh you upon landing.


Percy & Reed

LFhairbalmWonder Balm

Use this smoothing cream as a base for any styling products, or just to bring some control to unruly Summer locks. If your hair is drying out in the sunshine, treat it to a dose of Wonder Balm for added moisture and nourishment.


Balance Me

Congested Skin Serum

LFcongestIf your holidays are taking place in the city this year, then this product is an absolute must. Not only do pores tend to become blocked due to extra sweat in warmer weather, the pollution from the air around us can cause harm to the skin too, creating congestion in the pores and inflammation to the skin.

This serum contains Lavender, May Chang and Eucalyptus, which are all naturally antibacterial, while also serving to purify the skin. Ditch the chemicals in favour of nature’s medicine to calm blemishes and revitalise the skin.


Bee Good

LFbeeVanilla and Honey Lip Balm

Nothing says British Summer like buzzing bees and flowers, and this product even uses British Beeswax too. Condition dry lips with Borage Oil, while naturally scenting them with vanilla and honey fragrance. Keep this with you while you’re on-the-go, as it’s easy to apply quickly.



REN Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Mist

ren_flash_defence_mistAnother handy product if you’re in a town or city this Summer; this anti-pollution mist contains zinc and manganese amino acids to protect the skin from the stress of oxidisation. Our environment doesn’t always help when it comes to maintaining optimal health, so when little helpers like this come along, they’re worth keeping with you to maintain the skin’s health. The skin is the largest organ the body has, so it’s important to take care of it!



Lip and Eye Active Lift

LFrenuEven if you’ve been on a holiday to remember, you can still come back looking fresh as an English daisy with this little solution. The skin around the eyes and lips is thinner than on any other part of the body, which is why these are the first places we notice signs of ageing. Wild Yam, Soya extract and Active Marine Magnesium all stimulate collagen, while Arnica dramatically reduces dark circles under the eyes that would otherwise give away those late nights. Use a little at a time, massaging into the upper brows and cheekbones.


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