LookFantastic September: Happy #LFBday!



Happy Birthday to LookFantastic! & Congratulations on another year of providing us with earth-friendly, skin-friendly and totally nourishing products. When it comes to self care, receiving a little box of beauty through the post each month is a small price to pay for how important looking after YOU is. This month we say hello to six new items and six new reasons to treat yourself.

This month’s box is worth over £50, and you can get yours from just £11.25 depending upon your subscription choice. For your monthly subscription, sign up here and you’ll receive your next gift soon!



Lemon + Sage Body Butter

Rich, creamy and long-lasting moisture awaits once you open this little tube of luxury. With scents of lemon and sage, this body butter is both rejuvenating and relaxing, and comes in a handy size to take away with you while travelling or at the gym. Coconut oil softens the skin, while vitamin e is super soothing. For best results, slather on after a shower or bath.


shampooChristophe Robin

Purifying Shampoo With Jujube Bark Extract

Lightweight, refreshing and suitable for every-day use, this purifying shampoo can relieve any itching and dandruff, and is a brilliant go-to shampoo for when your hair and scalp need help.

Use daily for best results, and allow the revitalising smell to wake you up in your morning shower!


pencilLord & Berry

Strobing Stick

Accentuate your best bits with this travel size pencil. Adding a natural glow upon application, you’ll be able to maintain the gentle Summer radiance all through Autumn and Winter!


moxieBare Minerals

Marvelous Moxie

Keep a little lipstick in your bag and you can go from ‘work’ face to ‘leisure’ lips in one swift application. With no nasty ingredients, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your lips aren’t receiving any toxins, and will feel soft and supple after use. Plump and pretty, this handy little lipstick is worth keeping with you from day to day.



Collagen Expert

If your eyes feel tired and in need to rejuvenating, treat them to these little pads of joy. Soaked in a unique collagen formula, your eyes will feel so much better and more ‘alive’ after using them, and they’ll look brighter and more bushy-tailed…. Allantoin and Gycerine moisturise the skin around the eyes, redicing signs of fatigue in just ten minutes. This is a must-have for busy and over-tired people everywhere….



Liquid Gold

Multi-Tone BB Cream

You want luxury? Well how about applying 24 Carat GOLD to your face? Get that extra amount of luminosity with this mixture of natural argan oil and gold. This specially formulated cream will adapt to your own skin tone, and after application you’ll notice the face is much more supple and hydrated.




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