LookFantastic October 2016: #LFPamper



Autumn and Winter are the perfect time of year to inject a little self-care into each day. This doesn’t have to mean taking hours in the bath, spending a little too long in front of the mirror, or anything that may seem a little narcissistic. If you work hard, if much of your time is spend helping others, if people need you, then you need to help yourself too.

The darker, colder seasons easily show up whether we’ve been neglecting self-care practices or not, so especially if you’re feeling a little low or ‘under the weather’ (or you know someone who is), take some time for you. You’ll be glad you did, and so will everyone else!

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Renaissance Mask

While Summer may be a little bit of a memory, you can maintain glowing skin with this exfoliating face mask. Removing old, dry skin cells, the Renaissance Mask can reveal the naturally brighter and fresher skin underneath. Passion fruit, lemon and grape fruit acids work together to renew skin, as Papaya enzymes help unclog pores.



Liquid Yoga

Last year I had the pleasure of working with MIO Skincare at an event in Hoxton. I taught a day of mini Yoga classes, and as you can imagine, this bottle of Liquid Yoga was exactly what I needed! Relieve, relax and revive any aching muscles or cold joints with this little bottle of restorative bath soak. Just like after a restorative Yoga class, you’ll feel good-as-new. Magnesium and Arnica, Horse Chestnut and Murumuru Butter, and a host of other delightfully indulgent ingredients to help you restore and feel your best.



The Genuine Lapland Cream

Dry, cracked lips are very common at this time of year due to dry air and suppressed immune systems. This handy little balm however, will ensure your lips stay soft, smooth and hydrated. There are no added fragrances, colours or parabens, so you can be sure that what you’re putting on your lips probably is good enough to eat! (The silver and red is even a good reminder that Christmas is coming!)



Intensive-C Radiance Peel

Tingly and refreshing; if you tend to feel sluggish at this time of year, this will really perk up your face and your mood! Vitamin C, Indian Fig and Gyolic Acid all decongest the skin so you’re ready to face the world again.





Pout Perfection – Waterproof Lipliner

This particular lipliner is waterproof and long-lasting, perfect for long Autumn days when the weather is a little unpredictable! Vitamin E and Jojoba oil also moisturise and condition the lips so again they’re protected from dryness or cracking.



Caviar Anti-Ageing, Oil Creme

Dry air in Autumn and Winter often means dry hair that is prone to damage. If your hair is at all prone to dryness, this is the season to give it some love and a pre-wash treatment. With caviar extract, you’ll definitely feel like you’re pampering yourself with this little bottle of anti-frizz magic!





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