LookFantastic November 2016: #LFSparkle



We’re nearing the time of year at which everything will have an essence of sparkle and surprise about it. To get us into the party spirit then, there’s nothing like receiving a box of beauty through the post – and this must be one of the best boxes we’ve seen so far. As a small token of self-care to yourself each month, a subscription to Look Fantastic’s Beauty Boxes is a way to show yourself some love, but it’s also a great idea as a Christmas gift for someone special.

It’s been the most popular box to date, so to find out about what you could be in store for this month, head to LookFantastic to get yours now. Worth over £55, you can subscribe and get yours from just £11.25 with a 12 month subscription. 





‘Professionnel’ Mythic Oil

A lightweight hair treatment to protect against environmental damage. With softening avocado and grape seed oil, hair can be kept smooth and calm, radiant and shiny, even when the weather can’t!



Recovery Balm

Skincare is especially important in the Winter months as the air is dryer and winds are colder. Skin can be soothed instantly with this creamy concoction, and with an abundance of natural ingredients (including rose and evening primrose oils), you can rest assured that your skin will thank you every time you apply this.



Look Good Feel Better

Angled Blending Brush

As a finalist of the CEW Beauty Awards, this specially designed brush contours and shades the eyes for definition. The bristles are soft, allergen-free and environmentally friendly, which is pretty rare when it comes to beauty products!



Model Co

Blush Cheek Powder

Maintain a look of health even when you don’t feel 100%…. The natural colour is subtle and lightweight, whilst the micronized colour pigments help control oily skin, allowing you to sparkle, not shine!




Professional Volupt Spray

If your party season calls for big hair, then this spray is your go-to companion. Lifting hair from the roots with unique Cushion-Particle Technology, your hair will be soft without any sticky residue. Shake before use for best results!


LookFantastic Nail File

The change in weather is likely to cause nails to become brittle, so care for them with LookFantastic’s nail file to avoid catching or snagging on wooly scarves and hats!


Bloom and Blossom

Revitalising Foot and Leg Spray

Ideal for reviving aching lower limbs, a blend of horse chestnut seed and yellow sweet clover extracts help alleviate water retention. This is perfect for carrying around if you’re on a night out or off travelling soon, and smells wonderful to boot. Probably the most useful item for me in this month’s box, as I’ll be travelling to Nepal in a few weeks, and my legs will look forward to some revitalisation after the long flight!




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