Why I Drink From A Copper Cup Each Morning



Whether we realise it or not, the first things we do each morning have a big effect upon how we experience the rest of the day. Waking up slowly, peacefully and with time to spare can make for a much more calm and steady day, whilst we all probably also know how it feels to wake up late and rush out of the house….

Morning meditation, a yoga practice, going for a run or even reciting a few affirmations are some of the most advised ways to start the day in a healthy way, but whether your mornings are coffee-fueled and fast paced, or laid back and luxurious, there’s one little addition that could make all the difference, and it takes no time at all to add into your routine!

Copper is one of the minerals that is essential for healthy bodily function. As well as iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, cobalt and manganese, copper is one of the ‘good’ metals the body needs. Without enough metal in the diet (however strange that sounds), we’re likely to suffer from anaemia, infertility, impaired healing, decreased immunity, loss of strength, and even infertility.

copperbraceletBenefits of Copper

You’ve probably heard the hype surrounding magnesium, iron and zinc, but copper isn’t usually the first thought when it comes to upping our vitamin intake.

Copper is used by every single cell of the body to process oxygen, produce energy and also combat the free-radicals, which have been linked to the cause of cancer. It can stimulate the production of collagen, meaning skin maintains elasticity and wounds heal faster, decrease inflammation, and allow the nervous system to transmit signals efficiently. Copper is also essential for forming tissues and organs of embryos, and maintains a strong immune system.

A lack of copper in the diet can lead to high cholesterol, nervous system dysfunction, and anaemia. Too little copper can also cause miscarriages due to its vital function in organ formation.

Whilst there have never been any cases of copper toxicity, patients with Alzheimer’s disease have been found to have exceptionally high levels of copper in the blood. Those suffering with arthritis however, are usually able to notice a marked decrease in pain when wearing a copper bracelet, as tiny amounts of the metal are absorbed into the skin, reducing inflammation and pain.

beans-copperSources of Copper

If you’re taking a zinc supplement, this can decrease the absorption of copper in a well balanced diet. Natural sources of copper can be fond in: chocolate, crab, lobster, beans, whole grains and spinach.

Much like cooking with an iron skillet can effectively boost levels of iron in the body, drinking a small amount of copper from a pure copper cup each morning can help to maintain healthy levels of copper.

cipper-cupsTo start this morning health ritual, purchase a reliably sourced copper cup, and fill with filtered water before going to bed. Leave the water in the cup over night (or for about eight hours) and then drink the water in the morning. There is absolutely no taste difference to the water, and drinking room-temperature water in the morning is a brilliant way to wake up the digestive system. Copper is able to initiate peristalsis (the rhythmic contraction and relaxation that happens as the stomach and intestines digest food) and can reduce harmful bacteria in the gut.




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