A:M|P:M Rituals + Routines For Waking Well & Sleeping Soundly ~ #4 Peter Deadman

Rituals + Routines For Waking Well & Sleeping Soundly

Welcome to the interview series giving you a very special insight into the habits, rituals and routines of some of the most interesting and in-the-know people I can get my hands on. It’s all about gathering inspiration, and using it to experiment with in order to reveal the best version of yourself.

The first few things you do each morning can set the tone for your entire day, so learning a few hints, hacks and practices to set you up well can have a big positive impact on you and everyone around you. Evening routines are just as important, enabling healthy digestion of dinner, sound sleep and therefore a better morning when you wake again!

Settle in a dig out your note pad if you like, because you could learn something that’ll change everything….


My name is Peter Deadman, author and teacher, 69 years old. I love music and nature, bnhc].jpgdancing and qigong, cooking and learning just about anything. I have two cats – Charlie and Tom (brothers), and am the author of Live Well Live Long: Teachings from the Chinese Nourishment of Life Tradition (peterdeadman.co.uk). 

Peter’s book Live Well Live Long, explores the various and fascinating practices of the Chinese nourishment of life tradition. Ranging from diet, exercise, the way we interact with each other, and our connection to nature, it’s one of the books I continually go back to and find inspiration from constantly. Not only has Peter released this wonderful book, he also really knows what he’s talking about when it comes to health, as the founder of the long-standing Brighton Natural Health Centre and co-founder of the Brighton-based Infinity Foods co-operative.




livewellbookIt’s a weekday morning – what time do you usually wake up?


And on weekends?

Between 7 and 8

What wakes you up?

The alarm or natural waking

Are you a ‘morning person’?

Yes, though I struggle on cold, dark mornings

What’s the first thing you generally think about?

The state of the world

What’s the first step of your morning routine?
On a good day, qigong in the garden for an hour

Do you kickstart your day with coffee?

No, [I choose to drink the] best quality Chinese black tea

Any supplements?

Red yeast rice with Q10 for cholesterol

chinesetea.jpgWhat’s for breakfast?

Porridge made from freshly and finely ground whole oat grain and water, with a teaspoon of honey from our garden hives and a sprinkling of toasted, ground linseed and sesame seeds.

What time do you head out of the door?

I don’t – I work from home at the top floor of my house.





What’s for dinner?

Grains, vegetables, occasionally fish or poultry. [I enjoy] lots of Asian foods and flavours. In summer, most vegetables come from the garden.

What does your evening routine look like?

qigongI teach qigong or go to qigong classes, dance class, meetings or talks, or the cinema. [At home I’ll] read, listen to music, or watch TV. Plus most evenings I cook.

Who do you spend your evenings with?

My wife/partner

What are the last few things you do before going to sleep?

I think of what and how I ate during the day, I think about the best things that happened during the day, and reflect on … ah but now I’m asleep

Sleep-Icon.jpgDo you purposefully do anything to help you sleep well?

I make sure the temperature of the bedroom is cool, and I sleep alone

What time is lights out?


Do you sleep well?

Usually, yes


Diving Deeper

Have you always been this way about your morning and evening routines?

Yes, at least since I stopped living a wild and reckless life in my very early 20s

Do you feel your morning and evening routines benefit you?

Morning yes, evening not so much. Some evenings seem aimless, especially in winter and if I watch too much TV

What one piece of advice would you give regarding morning routines?

self-careHave – and start the day with – a daily practice. No matter whether it’s yoga, qigong, tai chi, playing an instrument, studying something, writing, running …


What one piece of advice would you give regarding evening routines?

Don’t eat late at night


Want to hear more from Peter? To watch a few of his talks on health and wellbeing, visit his YouTube channel HERE. 

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