Be Like Water | Ayurveda & Astrolgy Advice For Kapha + Pisces Season

Late Winter and early Spring are classified in Ayurvedic terms as Kapha season – a time at which the qualities of heaviness, lethargy, congestion and attachment can become more prevalent. The Kapha ‘dosha’ or quality is linked to earth and water, and the aspects that relate to these elements. To learn more about Ayurveda and the doshas, click HERE.


kapha1-300x300.jpgKapha means ‘that which holds together’, and the Kapha qualities within all of us are seen in the synovial fluid of the joints, mucus, fat cells, muscle tissue, stomach and chest. Kapha energy gives us stability and groundedness, it encourages us to be loyal and loving, but an excessive amount of Kapha can result in low energy levels, weight accumulation, sinus issues, chest infections, lack of enthusiasm, an inability to ‘let go’ and unwillingness to change. A good amount of Kapha resembles gently flowing water and solid, fertile earth, but too much Kapha can resemble dark, stagnant pond water and muddy terrain.


Along with Kapha season, the period of time between February 18th-March 20th is Pisces season. You may have heard of Pisces in relation to horoscopes, but in terms of astrology, measuring planetary shifts can shed light on incredibly intricate and intelligent wisdom, and in essence, we’re all effected by the movements of the moon and sun.

pisces1With the sun in water sign Pisces at this time, the quality of liquid is even more powerful. Pisceans are known for their compassion, intuitive and gentle nature, yet simultaneously can be too trusting and seek to escape reality. Their friendliness can easily translate into being emotionally hurt easily, and so the romantic Piscean in everyone during this time would benefit from a little self care and self preservation.

Sharing similarities with Kapha, Pisces governs the feet, immune and lymphatic systems, pineal gland and the secretion of melatonin. Both Pisces and Kapha types love to sleep, and so it’s no surprise you may feel a little more drained in the evenings and sluggish in the mornings. A stagnant lymphatic system and congestion of the respiratory system are mbs.pngalso very common at this time of year, so it’s important to counteract these effects.

In order to find balance within each season and even each day, it’s important to recognise the necessity of balancing ‘needs’ with ‘whats’. Nourishing the body and grossest elements of ourselves is equally as important as nourishing the mind and what you might refer to as ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’.

SO here are quick fire ways to stay balances during Kapha and Pisces season

Wake Early (+ no snoozing!)

Arising early in the morning (providing you’ve had enough sleep) means we’re waking up during the ‘lighter’ hours of the day. The more we snooze and sleep in, the more we’re likely to feel groggy – PLUS, getting up earlier means you’ll have more time for yourself before heading out to do your day.

Body Brush

bodybrushingphotoYou can read extensively about body brushing HERE, but essentially, the age-old practice involves using a bristle brush to stimulate the skin, circulation and lymphatic system. It’s a great way to help the body feel more ‘awake’ and alive in the mornings, and is very effective at helping move potentially stagnant blood and lymph.

Get Moving

Any type of movement that feels good and stimulates you can be beneficial. Pisceans are known for a love of swimming (perhaps because it’s another way to escape the outside world?) so combine the water element by opting for a few laps of the pool. Taking a sauna afterwards, followed by a cold shower can also work as a wonderful way to boost circulation and enhance the power of the immune system (whilst also raising mood and energy levels!)

Go With The Flow

7fwidd3oi7_embracing_spontaneity-C40A03BCA2B4760F960356C3314D5C4DJust like a flowing stream, allow yourself to move freely, and be open to changing direction. If someone suggests doing something outside of your comfort zone or that wasn’t planned into your schedule, this is a good time to practice discomfort and go with it. Allow surprises, do something unplanned, and shake things up.

Get The Job Done

A great thing about Kapha season is that it allows us to use the grounding and enduring energy to focus on tasks we may have been putting off. If you’ve been avoiding that one job you know is going to require a dedicated amount of time, this is a good time to do it.

Listen To Your Intuition

howtobalancedoshaNaturally intuitive, Pisces is all about instinctive decisions. However you feel at this time of year, know that it’s perfectly natural, that things change daily, and that listening to yourself honestly means you’re likely to make the best decisions for yourself.

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