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Rituals + Routines

For Waking Well & Sleeping Soundly

Knittingyogi-768x372My name is Hanri van Wyk, I’m a dance and yoga photographer, an Art Director for Ivy Kids (part of a publishing company) and a yoga teacher. I’m 35 years old, and I live in a quiet village in Rutland, England with my other half Steven and our dog Chunk. I live a pretty busy life balancing 3 jobs and too many hobbies to even mention. Creativity is my essential undertaking.

To view some of Hanri’s stunning work, visit www.hanri.co.uk www.yogahound.co.uk


It’s a weekday morning – what time do you usually wake up?
My alarm goes off at 6:30 am, and I tend to get straight out of bed before I fall asleep again.

hanrihanriAnd on weekends?

Between 6 am and 7 am

What wakes you up?
My alarm clock and the idea of a fresh pot of coffee on the stove

Are you a ‘morning person’?


What’s the first thing you generally think about?
I tend to think about what needs to be done that day.

Photo by Hanri van Wyk

What’s the first step of your morning routine?
To go make fresh coffee and put together breakfast.

Do you kickstart your day with coffee?
Yes, I’m afraid I can’t do without.

Any supplements?
I try and take Vitamin D regularly when I remember. If my workload is heavy, I take Rhodiola, or if I’m feeling stressed, I take Ashwaghanda.

What’s for breakfast?
Either a grain-free porridge, nuts and greek yogurt, or eggs and avocado. We try and alternate those three.

Photo by Hanri van Wyk

What time do you head out of the door?
I work from home, but I’m at my desk for 8am. Every two weeks I take the train down to Brighton for the day to catch up with my publishing team, on those days I’m out the door by 5 am.


What time do you usually arrive home?
I finish work at 17:00

What’s for dinner?
A slow cooker made stew/soup or a platter of cheese, avocado, olives and cold meats.

What does your evening routine look like?

Photo by Hanri van Wyk

Straight after work we either go to Crossfit, I go to ballet or I head out to teach my yoga class. Then it’s supper time, relax time (usually TV or a bath), and bed time.

Who do you spend your evenings with?
My other half and our dog.

What are the last few things you do before going to sleep?
Brush my teeth, wash my face, moisturise, maybe a few stretches or some core yoga poses, and if it’s not too late, I try to read a bit.

Photo by Hanri van Wyk

Do you purposefully do anything to help you sleep well?
I try and avoid checking my mobile phone close to bed time (can’t say I always succeed).

What time is lights out?
Between 10 PM and 11PM

Do you sleep well?
I’m very lucky to be an easy sleeper, except on full moon nights – I tend to always be awake for a few hours on full-moon nights (regardless of black-out blinds).


Diving Deeper

Have you always been this way about your morning and evening routines?
I’ve always been an early riser, and breakfast is my favourite meal – so my routine has been pretty consistent. Evening routines vary more.

Photo by Hanri van Wyk

Do you feel your morning and evening routines benefit you?
Yes, there is a sense of comfort in a routine. Routines build good habits. If you want to form a healthy habit in regards to eating, then creating a routine that includes cooking time is the way to go.

What one piece of advice would you give regarding morning routines?

Get dressed for whatever you plan to do as soon as possible after getting up. If you plan to do yoga in the morning, get into your yoga clothes as soon as you get up. I find staying in pyjamas drags out the morning, and I get less done.

What one piece of advice would you give regarding evening routines?
Try and schedule exercise or chores as early in the evening as possible, that way after dinner you have time to relax and unwind for bedtime.

To view Hanri’s work or contact her regarding dance or Yoga photography, visit www.hanri.co.uk or www.yogahound.co.uk

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